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Father’s day

Alysia Abbott pays tribute to the gay, single-parent dad who raised her in bohemian SF

Who saves the world?

All signs point to pigeons and 13-year-old girls in Michelle Tea's latest YA fantasy trilogy starter

Joyful noise

'Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society' takes readers to the brink

‘Maximus’ through Flarf

Updated Norton Anthology of Postmodern American Poetry updates updates updates

Laid bare

Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore's new memoir The End of San Francisco captures tumultuous times

Free the free

San Francisco icon Xara Thustra looks back at 15 years of underground art

A sizzling tale

'Zodiac' author Robert Graysmith talks San Francisco history and his new book, 'Black Fire'

West Memphis free

Damien Echols' powerful new memoir 'Life After Death'

Parsley, sage, rosemary, and timewarp

New book lays bare the countercultural roots of the Renaissance Faire

Shake, rattle, and read

Litquake's biblio-pocalypse approacheth

Downtown development

New books look back at NYC's neighborhood art scene

Pop thrills

A romp through this year's bumper crop of trash lit

Pagoda madness

A native son counters the myths of Chinatown in a new book

Beyond the Pink

1980s teen movie star Molly Ringwald finds new success as an acclaimed author -- but can she still put lipstick on with her cleavage? 

A Republican feminist

Does that exist? Meghan McCain says yes

Black and white and red all over

Author David Kirby champions the anti-captivity movement in Death at SeaWorld

Pipe dreams and nightmares

New memoir Opium Fiend documents an obsession with the cause of the "world's first real drug epidemic."

Prancing at the revolution

QUEER ISSUE: Why Are Faggots so Afraid of Faggots? questions queer assimilationism

Big trouble in old China

Author Paul French investigates a decades-old murder in Midnight in Peking

Ink equality

A new anthology of female comic book artists doubles as a networking tool

Panther cry

New Bay anthology "Listen Whitey!" plays the sounds of black power

It’s not what you get, it’s what you keep

A BBC journalist gathers black voices for posterity

Just longing for sameness

An Irish author's travels end in San Francisco, for now

Frilly werewolf

Christine Beatty is Not Your Average American Girl