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Visual reaction

FALL ARTS 2014 Upcoming exhibitions explore politics through art

Look here instead

Bay Area Now 7 proposes other routes through dark times

ID, please

QUEER ISSUE 2014 Photographer Sarah Deragon's Identity Project defines the LGBT community on its own terms.

Wear no evil

An introduction to sustainable style

Brilliant exodus

Arthur Szyk's 1930s Haggadah packs fresh visual punch.

Saving Yosemite

Long before Teddy Roosevelt and Ansel Adams swooned at the beauty of the place, ex-49er and early photographer Carleton Watkins (1829-1916) captured monumental Yosemite Valley for the public's eyes. His stunning 1860s wet-plate negative photos —...

Art is hard

CAREERS + ED ISSUE: It's up to our artists to save the Bay Area from becoming like everywhere else -- if they can hang in there. Hang in there!

Curating the city

CAREERS + ED ISSUE: Gallery evictions signal a major shift in the art world, with the technology boom serving as the problem and its potential solution

Yesterday, today, and Tomorrow

Cartoonist Dan Perkins reflects on 25 years of 'This Modern World'

Goldies 2014 Visual Art: Michelle Ramin

Up from Etsy, and beyond the masks we paint with social media

The secret life of Sylvia Fein

The 94-year-old painter comes to terms with her surreality in a new retrospective

Million, schmillion

YEAR IN VISUAL ART: What to make of 2013's big-ticket art sales

Art 111

One of SF's first gallery-based nightclubs turns 20

Where the art is

FALL ARTS: VISUAL ARTS The season's must-see gallery and museum shows

Drawn together

CCA launches a masters program in comics

Fair play

Notable locals at this year's big artMKT and ArtPadSF shows

Let it all out

Shout! fosters artistic expression for female veterans

Free expression

Taking in John Millei's unguarded new paintings — plus a guide to open studios

Every night is teen night

YBCA Young Artists at Work inspire — and are probably smarter than you

Three for the road

Garry Winogrand, Lebbeus Woods, and Christian Marclay at SFMOMA

The unheard music

Artists draw inspiration from John Cage for 'Silence'

Out of the Batcloset

"Batman on Robin" group art show unleashes Dynamic Duo's unspoken desire

Framing devices

Taking stock of early 2013's group exhibitions

I sell a rat

Public street art as private purchase? Banksy's Haight Street rat turns up in Miami