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Sex in the Matrix

Virtual reality porn is coming soon, whether we're ready or not for its many implications

Pixilated joy

FALL ARTS 2014 Chickens, cats, sharks, and sweet dance moves: fall's offbeat video games

From brushes to bytes

CAREERS + ED ISSUE Artists find their way into video games, despite a boom-and-bust industry

Boss fight

Indie gamers swap ideas at empowering un-conference Lost Levels

Play on

Gamer singles out the mainstream videogame hits of 2013 — and a few smaller picks, too

Don’t shoot!

Top indies of 2013 make fun without firearms

Go team!

Cat suits, dance routines, bowling: the best games for groups

Pros and cons(oles)

Will Microsoft or Sony win the battle for consumer love? Gamer tests out the new consoles.

Goin’ back to Gotham

It's heroics as usual in 'Batman: Arkham Origins'

And joysticks for all

All hail Dominique Pamplemousse! A growing movement -- spurred by gatherings like QGCon and GaymerX -- rallies for diversity in video games.


Humans beware. The great robot revolution is nigh, and builders of combat robots have done us no favors by creating machines whose sole function is to destroy. Way to go, guys. But, on second...

Drive time

'GTA V' creates the ideal world for doing bad, bad things

Fall, out

This season, indie game designers play by their own rules

Big game hunting

FALL ARTS: GAMER 'GTA V' and the rest

Console prizes

Gamer reports on E3 — and 2013's best title so far

Loud, with clouds

'BioShock Infinite' takes players on a fantastic voyage

Back to life?

Aging titles strategize to attract new interest

Threequel blues

GAMER: Impressive graphics can't save the too-familiar 'Crysis 3'

Scare tactics

Old spaceships, desolate planets, unloading bullets into undead creepy-crawlies: horror videogame 'Dead Space 3' gets it mostly right

Zombies FTW

Gamer looks back at 2012's best experiences behind the controls

Hail to the Chief

Halo 4 gives the fans what they want, and then some

Good. But revolutionary?

'Assassin's Creed III' takes on the American Revolution

Déjà vu all over again

Video game ourbouros: Warfighter is a sequel to a reboot.


You in danger, girl! Resident Evil 6 has a lot going on.