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Party Radar: Basement Jaxx, Outpost, Clockwork, Bardot A Go Go, more


From the wild, wild, wide world of British clubbing: People are calling the video below “the worst club promo ever,” but I kinda want to go. It’s not often you find so much abandon, bounce, tan spray, and just plain this in nightlife these days:

As astute commenters rightly point out, rave was a working class phenomenon in most of Britain. (Here, too, most of the Midwest rave kids I knew were from working class families.) This is a great reminder of it. And hey, at least they’re not all hooliganisming over football, as the stereotypes would have you believe. Besides, yes, the now-famous gabber-gabber-hey at 1:40 is so much more fun that what I’ve been encountering in American clubs lately, alas.In fact! The only place I can thinki of him popping up is in our own sweet, sweet Cali underground. 

I love him. Buzzfeed points out that his name is Sean, and he’s a 41-year-old carpenter, and he loves to dance. Perhaps you’d like to pull off your best imitation at the parties below (click on the titles for more info):



BARDOT A GO GO— So fun. A pre-Bastille Day bash celebrating the Swinging French Sixties at Rickshaw Stop. Yes there will be ooh la la.

HOT CHIP DJ SET— Those loveable introspective electro nerds take to the turntables at Mezzanine, with Juan Maclean and the Lights Down Low crew

CLOCKWORK — Very, very good ‘n thoughtful London dub-techno duo hits Monarch.

CUBCAKE — Cute, sweet, usually quite packed night for chubby young gays and chasers at Lone Star Saloon.

LAST NITE — The next time someone says, “the ’90s are back!” just roll your eyes and reference this 2000s indie dance party, which has been going strong for many a Strokes singalong moon at MakeOut Room.




BASEMENT JAXX — The irresitibly catchy freaks of funky house hijinks return after a too-long absence. Public Works will be bopping.

SF THUMAKDA — A queer Bollywod dance party. ‘Nuff said.

URULU — Nice and easy tech/deep house (diva samples included) from this budding youngster at Audio, with the Modular crew.

POUND PUPPY — Hot, scruffy guys, often in goofy outfits.

TORMENTA TROPICAL — Tropical gooves and deep fuzzy bass bangers, with special guess DJ Blass from Puerto Rico, at Elbo Room.

DARK ENTRIES 5-YEAR ANNIVERSARY — Probably the coolest label in SF, releasing rare minimal wave, proto-goth classics, and new synth tunes, celebrates five years at record store RS94109 with a slew of dark local luminaries taking over the decks.



SLOW HANDS – The truly talented tech-house Lothario is back, performing at Monarch: Be warned, there will be spandex (???)

 OUTPOST— Awesome-sounding new garage/bass/techno monthly at Underground SF featuring some real cool cats: Vin Sol, Michael Claus, CM-4.

Party Radar: Hardkiss Brothers celebrate 1991, “Flowers Blooming”


It’s a tribute to the resiliency of SF’s classic Hardkiss Brothers — and the soul of the SF house music scene — that, after the devastating loss of musical brother Scott last year, Gavin and Robbie Hardkiss have bounced back with an exuberant tribute to the roots of their legendary collective, new album 1991.

This Fri/20 at Public Works (9pm-3am, $10. 161 Erie, SF), they’ll be bringing the Hardkiss family together to celebrate the release of exuberant floor-stomping single “Flowers Blooming” — a rework of lovely 1980 Change track “Glow of Love.” Free download below!

Besides calling to mind the joyful-disco, Luther Vandross-fronted original — oh man, how I love me some Young and Gay American Luther — plus the Inner City “Big Fun” sound of the late ’80s, and the glowing “Flowers in Your Hair” SF Summer of Love aesthetic, “Flowers Blooming” also slips into a luminous legacy of flora-based raveytime anthems. 1991 indeed.

Anyway, I’m high. Here’s what the brothers themselveshave to say about the track, which boasts a slew of remixes and inclusion in this cool flashback “Megamixx”:

“In the latest single off the album, ‘Flowers Blooming/Glow of Love,’ Hardkiss take Change’s 1980 classic ‘Glow of Love’ out for a driving musical journey. First stopping in ’90s Detroit before putting the top down and heading straight for the California sunshine. The result is sun-drenched track that is both irresistible and feel good- a must have addition to any summer playlist. Featuring vocals by Robbie Hardkiss, there’s enough on the new Hardkiss album to satisfy any dancefloor intent on rising up in celebration.” 




Party Radar: Daybreaker gets you moving – on a Tuesday morning


Back in 1988, I hung out for a summer in West Berlin. Yep, this was before the wall fell, when West Berlin was a roiling, hyperactive, neon-crazy island in a sea of Communist repression — kind of like the most exclusive nightclub in the world.

One of the things that took my breath away: high school kids and college students went to clubs before school. At least the few I knew would met their friends around 5-6am at the all-night club du jour and dance it out for a while before heading to class. “This is the best place in the world!” I thought at the time.

Also: “Why can’t we have this?” Well, now we kinda do. Welcome to San Francisco, Daybreaker.

OK, OK, it has no alcohol, and you still have to be 21 to get in. (And it’s $15-$20, so you may have to save up that pocket change.)

HOWEVER, this 8am-10am Tue/10 morning dance party at the beautiful Audio Discotech — hello, morning skylight! — looks incredibly promising for what organizers Radha, Brimer, Steph, and Mustafa call “a little mischief.” You get music from cutie pie DJ Bradley P. Plus it sounds like a damn fun morning workout! So much better than a gym.

See you there, bright and bleary. Press release:

Over a late-night falafel in Williamsburg a few months back, we mused over an idea. An idea about dancing before the day broke with people we love. About cultivating a community that values camaraderie, self-expression, wellness, immediacy… and mischief. About going to work with our brows slightly dewed from moving our bodies with reckless abandon, sans alcohol but with so much spirit, surrounded by the most amazing people we know.

DAYBREAKER is a morning dance party and community of good-hearted people, and on Tues, June 10th, DAYBREAKER SF will commence.
No more dreary treadmills. No more lackluster mornings. No more dancing only when the sun is down.
With your ticket, you get:
+ good beats by DJ Bradley P
+ fresh Philz coffee
+ delicious smoothies
+ live musicians & performers
+ occasional costumes
+ (no booze)
Be a part of something new and different. Daybreaker will set the tone for your day unlike anything has before 🙂
// Tuesday, June 10th @ Audio — 316 11th St. (btw Folsom and Harrison)
// Dance Party: 8 am – 10 am

Party Radar: Heidi, Silent Servant, Dr. Israel, Paradise Garage, more long weekend joys


Now that I have a strapping young nephew in the Navy, Memorial Day scares the shit out of me. Best thing for it is dancing, of course — to celebrate our hardwon freedomz!

Also, oscillating wildly will help us get over the fact that we’re neither at the International Mr. Leather Competition in Chicago or Detroit’s huge Movement technofest. But we have Carnaval! And Honey Soundsystem! And Paradise Garage tributes! And so much more.

So let’s get to Memorialing! (Click the names below for more info.) Here’s our theme song, duh:




The great Odyssey after-hours crew calls down the spirits of true house and disco in this tribute to DJ Larry Levan and his epochal dance floor. Eight hours of deep dance madness, with incredible DJs Robin Simmons, Eli Escobar, Bus Station John, Steve Fabus, and Stanley Frank.
Fri/23, Midnight-8am, $10, Beatbox, SF.

Love this classic Canadian mistress of banging’ house. Her Jackathon parties are true, well, jackathons. Get into her. With Kadeejah Streets, DJ M3, and Sharon Buck.
Fri/23, 9:30-3am, $15-$20, Monarch, SF.


Finally, a proper night of 70s glam dance floor STOMPERS and Bubblegum KILLERS.” And with our patron DJ saint of all things dark and glamorous, Omar, at the helm, you know you’re going to hear some things. And stomp like a glitter-strewing monster to them! With Jason Duncan aka Medium Rare, Jodie Yagi Stridsberg, Jeff Glave, and Deedee Robbins.
Fri/23, 10pm, $3-$5, The Knockout, SF.


Aw, Antwon — our favorite cuddly ex-pat SF rapper. He’ll tear up the 120 Minutes based goth party for sure. With DJs Santa Muerte and Chauncey CC.
Fri/23, 10pm-2am, $10-$15, Elbo Room, SF.


The current king of dark ‘n sexy industrial grooves comes up from LA to move the body. He’s joined by live dub-techno kid Austin Cesear for the always smoking Icee Hot party.
Fri/23, 10pm-4am, $5-$10 (free before 10:30pm!), Public Works, SF.



Our master of soulful house takes us on another all-night journey into the deep and up to the stars. His last marathon session broke Mighty into a serious sweat.

Sat/24, 10pm-4am, $15 (free before midnight with RSVP at link above), Mighty, SF.


CLUB 1994
The original ’90s dance party for cool kids, playing “the best and worst” of that churning decade, returns to render us Clueless the next morning. How did we get here, 20 years later? Who cares, let’s party. With Jeffrey Paradise, Ava Berlin, Vin Sol, and more.
Sat/24, 10pm-2am, $10-$20. Rickshaw Stop, SF.



Oh dear — this is the final blowout for these two venerable party crews at Cafe Cocomo, slated for condofication demolition. You can bet it will be amazing (as all S+S parties are), with legendary live disco-house players Metro Area and a host of smiling, stomping people. All day! Big patio! BBQ till 8pm!
Sun/25, 2pm-2am, $20, Cafe Cocomo, SF.

Ace of all dancehall/dub parties, 18-year-old Dub Mission, brings in this incredible live, revolutionary dub artist from Brooklyn to set minds, hearts, and feet a-throbbin’. With Kush Arora and DJ Sep.
Sun/25, 9pm-2am, $8-$11, Elbo Room, SF.

That fearsome foursome of sticky-sweet queer action, Honey Soundsystem, hits the decks all night to transform the dance floor into a moist hole of glory. OK, that sounded gross. Just go and have a blast with hundreds of other really cute gays etc.
Sun/25, 10pm-4am, $15-$20, Beatbox, SF. 

Party Radar: Tiara Sensation Pageant, Body and Soul, Peter Kruder, Castro Street Fair, Octo Octa, more


According to recent findings, it would take 4.85×10(15) years to teleport a complete human at 30GHz. That’s 350,000 times longer than the universe has existed. And almost as long as the clothes check line at the Powerhouse. 

How will I ever get to all these parties???

Darn you, science. I’m guessing I’ll still at least have one or two out of body experiences at the following, howevs.


If you’re any kind of dance maven, you’d know Brit Sam Watts’ 2011 hit “Criticize” in three notes, probably — but I adore his remix work and DJ prowess. Hit him up at the neat, super-affordable-for-this-kind-of-talent  weekly Base party, which seems to have reemerged after a little hiatus.

Thu/3, 10pm, $5-$10. Vessel, 85 Campton Pl., SF. www.vesselsf.com



All the glorious queens forever! This beloved little underground drag tradition, brought to us by the creators of the great Some Thing party every Friday at the Stud, is going BIGTIME. This year it’s being held at the De Young Museum’s fun Friday evenings (there will be kids there! and a bar!) Of course, it’s a freakishly lovely runway pageant for freakishly freakish queens — and I’ll be one of the celebrity judges, so you know it will be, er, drinky. My fellow judges, far more legendary than I could ever be, are Candis Cayne, Gina La Divina, Lil Miss Hot Mess, and Honey Mahogany. Expect a raucous, wiggy crowd.

Fri/4, 6pm-10pm, FREEEEE. de Young Museum, 50 Hagiwara tea Garden, Golden Gate Park, SF. Info here



Three of the world’s greatest house (and Latin, and electrofunk, and disco, and soul) DJs return to resurrect the feeling of their NYC party — wihch changed my life, and the lives of pretty much everyone else on the scene 10 years ago. Golly, I love them! Welcome back, Francois, Joe, and Danny.

Fri/4, 10pm-late, $25. Mighty, 119 Utah, SF. www.mighty119.com


One half of infamous Austrian sophiticated house duo Kruder and Dorfmeister, Peter headlines the giant Public Works third anniversary. But wait there’s so much more! Also there: Christian Martin, Jackie House, Afrolicious, J-Boogie, Josh Vincent and a hot-hot crowd. Here’s one of my favorite remixes of all time, btw:

Sat/5, 8:30pm-3:30am, $10. Public Works, 161 Erie, SF. www.publicsf.com 



100% Silk label cutie blends dreamy classic house sounds with effusive but totally danceable concepts at the ever-awesome Push The Feeling party. (Love the track “His Kiss” of his lovely Between Two Selves LP.) He’ll be joined by Matrixxman (who made me dance till I cried at the deviants party last week) and Yr Skull and Epicsauce DJs. Good times. 


Sat/5, 9pm, $5 advance. UndergroundSF, 424 Haight, SF. octoocta.eventbrite.com



Balls are all the rage! This one, MCed by Sister Roma and Pat N Leather and DJed by Guy Ruben, raises money for a possible HIV vaccine — and of course will be loaded with colorful characters.It has an “animal” theme!

Sat/5, 7pm-10pm, $40. Beatbox, 314 11th St, SF. itrulycare.com/events/endhiv-sf-drag-ball



This 40th edition of the fair has an INSANE nightlife focus: Peaches (yes that Peaches) is doing a Sylvester tribute! There is a Legends dance stage featuring David Harness, Pete Avila, Rolo, Blackstone, and Page Hodel. And Cookie Dough will bring her kookielicious Monster Show drag party as well. It’ll be nuts + dancing + cute.OH! And don’t miss one of the best things ever that happens in SF — the two-step line–dance stage behind Castro Theatre.

Sun/5, 11am-6pm, donatiion requested. 18th Street and Castro, SF. www.castrostreetfair.org

Party Radar: Banjee Report reports on Sat/27


Last May I “blew through” the huge International Mr. Leather Competition gathering in Chicago and, after I’d cleaned up a bit, had the pleasure of visiting one of the coolest Boystown spots, Wang’s, a tiny, fog-filled opium den of a gay bar which, back then at least (it’s since seen some upscale hetero incursion) was the place to be, at least if you were looking to somewhat escape the macho IML scene and get down to some sweet, sweet music.

One of the things that made Wang’s pop for me was the totally hot guy at the door. “Oh he’s from Banjee Report,” DJ P-Play told me as we entered. “They’re pretty much going to rule the queer hip-hop world in a couple years.” Oh, hi there!

P-Play’s crew Honey Soundsystem put out a pretty killer (and awesomely challenging) Banjee Report mixtape soon afterwards, introducing them to SF. And now here come the three Banjee rappers themselves, to Marco De La Vega’s great 120 Minutes party at the Elbo Room this Sat.

If you want to see what’s going on in the queer hip-hop world, beyond the incredibly diverse Mykki Blanco (multigender artsy), Le1f (avante-dark musing), Frank Ocean (ambiguous pop soul), and Big Dipper (novelty sex-rap) styles, Banjee’s great combo of vogue sensibility, street delivery, and sexy swagger may turn up your boots.

Also, I’m sorry for objectifying them but they are really cute, so wut. 

Read a neat inteview with Banjee Report here.


with Matrixxman and oOoOO

at 120 Minutes

Sat/27, 10pm, $5-$10

Elbo Room

647 Valencia

Party Radar: Quick, dirty Dore Alley Fair guide


Up Your Alley Fair, happening this Sun/28, is the scruffier, cruisier, gayer (yes, it’s possible) version of Folsom Street Fair. It has a wonderful history, but will forever be known to a certain generation, ahem, as Dore Alley Fair — as it was known in the ’90s, before it expanded into the several-block to-do it is today.

It also, of late, has attracted a filthy halo of fun parties. Besides the huge, official Bay of Pigs fundraiser party on Sat/27 (usually just a mite too shirtless and circuit music-y for me, but hey, whatever floats your rimseat!) here are some tasty-nasty treats for your “manly” perusal. 

Thu/25 (tonight) night sees a special Thursday Night Live: Dore Alley Edition of live bands at the Eagle (Thursday nights at the Eagle are one of the coolest things going, for all sexualities) with “down and dirty” performances by Beard Summit, Dramady, Everyone Is Dirty, and RLLRBLL. Also Thursday night, if you’re more into reliving the gloryhole days of the Miracle Mile cruising and bathhouse scene, Bus Station John’s weekly Tubesteak Connection at Aunt Charlie’s in the Tenderloin brings you steamy underground disco and Hi-NRG classics. Or truss yourself up in your favorite fetish suit and hop to Powerhouse for Gearwear, at which one of our favorite bootblacks, Luna, will shine up your kicks real good.

Speaking of steamy, Fri/26 gives us Steam Goes Up You Alley, in which spunky promoter Walter Gomez’s monthly Steam party takes a turn for dirty disco with DJ Juan Garcia, probably my one gym-going amigo with the biggest pecs. Will he use them to cue up his records? Find out with a couple hundred sexy, cool people. Meanwhile, over at the Eagle, Flag gives you a chance to fly your freak flap according to the ancient signals of the Hanky Code. It’s like the Da Vinci Code, but with more priests and Crisco.

While the big boys are playing at Bay of Pigs on Sat/27, get a little dark electronic action of the dance floor variety at Dark Room, which not only biasts Ladytron DJ Ruben Wu, but a big performance by the fierce chanteuse San Cha, launching her new album Off Her Throne with a full band.

On Sun/28, don’t miss mysterious deep-n-hard techno entity LUTHER‘s set, 2pm-4pm, at the dance area of the Fair itself. LUTHER is excellent. And feel free and breezy to take a break from the fair at Walter Gomez’s nearby awesome-sounding all day party Glory Hole, which has an unlikely and exciting location: Tank 18, the huge new winery and BYOB meeting hall in SoMa. Awesome DJs like Rolo and Robin Malone Simmons of Odyssey will spin, accompanied by some fabulously fucked-up drag performances. Afterward, roll on down to Honey Soundsystem, where one of my favorite people (and DJs), Bil Todd from DC, will spin you right out of your sling, with deep disco edits and cutting edge house.

Truly, it is the time of the season for loving.

For more party picks this week, check this out


Party Radar: Disco Daddy, Ed Rush, Dimitri from Paris, James Holden, BiBi, Fake Blood, more


There is absolutely no way I am going to shoehorn my bowlful of Jell-O into that sparkly rainbow thong next weekend — and that’s cool, pigging out on Turtle Tower pho and Bob’s crullers is my way of dealing with stress, and Pride season brings no shortage of that! (Also I heart chubbies, so no prob.)

Luckily, Pride also brings a ton of opportunities to dance, on top of the already insane dance card SF scrawls out on the regular, so I’ll be sweatin’ like the oldies and giving you booty for daaaays (no twerking please) at these hella gay and not-so-gay-yet-still-gay-friendly pre-Pride joints:



The Border Community label head honcho casts a deep electronic spell, charming your feet while binding your mind. At the As You Like It party with Bells and Whistles, MossMoss, more.

Fri/21, 9pm-4am, $20. Monarch, 101 Sixth St., SF. www.monarchsf.com



Heck yes, as ’90s retro progresses, drum ‘n bass is having its return-to-jiggly-spotlight moment. These two bigtime old school, hard school daddies will have you jumping for joy. (Can a boy hope that this also augurs the return of actual crazy, arms-waving dancing in clubs? Tired of this slopey-dopey-boppy thing that’s been going.) Supported by the cream of SF’s classic dnb scene, don’t miss.

Fri/21, 9pm-3am, $15-$20. Public Works, 161 Erie, SF. www.publicsf.com



Heady, deep ‘n groovy Chicago duo perform live, as does cool-kid extraordinaire Ital (you may know him from a little band called Mi Ami) at the always surprising, consistently yummy Icee Hot party

Fri/21, 10pm-3am, $10-$15. Public Works Loft, 161 Erie, SF. www.publicsf.com



UK funboy Fake Blood was alsways one of the most promising producers at the tail end of hardcore electro era, but lately he’s blasted off into sheer brilliance, making some real poetry of the remains of that party-hearty sound which, alas, was co-opted to death by the pop-EDM crowd. Fake found a way out. Supported by the energetic Alex Metric. 

Sat/22, 10pm-late, $15 advance. Mezzanine, 444 Jessie, SF. www.blasthaus.com



High on the list of parties that changed my life: The Playboy Mansion party at WMC 2000 in Miami. Upon entrance, someone handed me an egg-shaped maraca, Dimitri hit the decks, and I was gone for six hours. I had never heard disco mixed with house like that — Dimitri was the king of re-edit sophistication long before it became a laptop whip-up thing. I mean, I melt: 

Sat/22, 10pm-late, $20. Mighty, 119 Utah, SF. www.mighty119.com



Middle Eastern queers (and friends of all rainbow backgrounds) unite: This annual Pride kick-off party is a truly special event, packed with unfamilair hotties, sweet tunes, and drums and belly dancers even. “Shake those hips” with DJs Emancipacion and Nile, and the Shabnam Dace Company. 

Sat/22, 9pm, $10-$12. Club OMG, 43 Sixth St., SF. Advance tickets here.



More Pride kick-off shenanigans, this time in the form of beloved rare-find bathhouse disco king DJ Bus Station John taking to the decks all Sunday evening at the Eagle! Disco at the Eagle — somehow it makes sense but breaks the brain. Sweaty tunes (hi-NRG!) ‘n cruisy men — what more could you ask for? Oh yes, cheap beer. And menergy.

Sun/23, 7pm-midnight, $5. SF Eagle, 398 12th St., SF. www.sf-eagle.com

Party Radar: Save Esta Noche!


Many of us barely remember growing up there, meeting our first hot papi, trying out our first cha cha heels on stage, and living the Selena dream. And some of us go back every week to relive those experiences! Now, that many-mirrored treasure trove of characters, Esta Noche, may have to close its doors — forever.  

The city’s only (official) Latin gay bar owes the city $7,000 and may be history if it can’t cough it up in the next two weeks. But you know the fundraising party Sat/18 is gonna be fabuloso.

The whole situation’s due to a silly technicality: Last year, the Board of Supes passed widely supported legislation designed to make it easier for bars and clubs to pay their licensing fees. But there was a catch no one properly understood: bars would now have to pay all fees for the year in one large lump sum. Supervisor David Campos is working to change this, but it may be to late for the fantastic characters of this beloved bar.

So his office, via scenester mover and shaker Nate Albee, is helping organize the big time fundraiser — assisted by an all-star cast including Heklina, Anna Conda, Per Sia, Brown Amy, and DJs Carnita and Taco Tuesday.


Party Radar: Honey Dijon, Kenny Dope, Plastic Plates, Daniel Maloso, Pearson Sound, more

It’s too sunny out to read! My eyes keep glazing over with lusty sparkles and unicorns in mankinis. Let’s meet in the park with a duffel of cold 40s, listen to some fun music with our tops off, and plan our party outfits for the following weekend blowouts (click on the titles for more details).

Oh, and PS: the only reason I didn’t include one of the best parties of the the spring, the Sunset Boat Party, is because it is, as usual, sold out. But check out the Sunset FB page for afterparty deets.


UK wiz kid David Kennedy updates that good ol’ UK bass sound with some neat twists of his own. 

Thu/2, 9:30pm-late, $10-$15. Public Works, 161 Erie, SF.



Two great musical tastes will make a delicious, peanut-buttery dance floor sandwich: bathhouse disco prince Bus Station John and house/techno pumper Brian Bejarano giving us some rare classics. Diggin’ deep and finding gold y’all! 

Fri/3, 9pm, $5. UndergroundSF, 424 Haight, SF. 



The best art-drag club in the city takes on party buses, “woo girls,” stiletto disasters, and puke-in-the-purse with this celebration of all things Bachelorette. Watch your fucking tiara or you will get cunt-punted into another sorority.


Fri/3, 10pm-late, $7. The Stud, 399 9th St., SF. www.studsf.com 



Cute Spaniard, who in his darker moments can’t quite shake the influence of Liaisons Dangereuses “Los Ninos Del Parque” (and that’s just fine), will have you bopping around at the impeccable No Way Back party.

Fri/3, 10pm-4am, $15. Monarch, 101 Sixth St., SF. www.monarchsf.com



The master — as in one half of the actually legendary Masters at Work — bangs out the heavy rhythm house and hip-hoppy jams with equally adept and beloved DJ Spinna.

Sat/4, 10pm-late, $20. Mighty, 119 Utah, SF. www.mighty119.com



He’s an electro-pop smoothie! Love the Aussie-via-LA producer’s irresistible takes on songs, givng them a moody bounce. 

Sat/4, 9:30pm, $15. Monarch, 101 Sixth St., SF. www.monarchsf.com



Supercute, super-diverse monthly queer hip-hop party — where, incidentally, you’ll hear some of the most cutting-edge music going on in the dance world right now. With special guest DJ Rapidfire!

Sun/3, 3-pm, $5-$8. El Rio, 3158 Mission, SF.



The first mistress of NYC house has come along way since we all used to cheer at the EndUp back in the day when she’d accidentally play the same record three times. (And yet she ALWAYS turned it out for the children.) Miss Honey will sinko your de mayo. 

>Sun/5, 10pm, $10. Holy Cow, 1535 Folsom, SF. 

Party Radar: Prosumer, Kafana Balkan, Night Light, Adnan Sharif, Shonky, Distrikt, Derrick Carter, Ana Matronic, more


Jajajaja — this installment of Party Radar is going to be like a last minute dump, since I’m still kind of drunk and the weekend, she is here. Besides, bloggity bloggity blah blah blah, let’s just get to the good stuff. But let’s first have some delicious beef for breakfast:

No not this weak beef, this one:

Kinda makes me like Leger’s music. Now let’s guetta way from all that, and get into this. Click on the titles for more info.



And what a truly grand opening it shall be! (Right next to the back trough.) The legendary gay leather biker bar has been open for a couple months now, to great success — I guess this party means its here to stay. Hurray! With a gaggle of old school faves including Trauma Flintstone, the Ethel Merman Experience, Anna Conda, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and the Whoa Nellies.

Fri/26, 6pm, free. Eagle, 398 12th St., SF. www.sf-eagle.com



Ok, not just the lauded house master from Berlin, BUT his hottie partner in yum Murat Tepeli, AND NYC diva on the tables Mike Servito AND Huerco S., Vereker, Ghosts on Tape, Shawn Reynaldo, Rollie Fingers. All under he auspices of Honey Soundsystem, Icee Hot, Grey Area Foundation, and The Bunker NYC. Gonna be real cute and you will actually dance. 


Fri/26, 9pm-4am, $15. Public Works, 161 Erie, SF. www.publicsf.com



This weekend is exploding with legends who hapen to be gay, just sayin’. The Chicago boogaloo house master has ruled the decks for more than two decades (he played at a party I threw back in 93! old) — and is appearing out of thin air, it seems, at Harlot. Derrick can turn anywhere into an instant party.

Fri/26, 9pm, $25. Harlot, 46 Minna, SF. 



One of the coolest things to happen every year — a multimedia garden party at SOMArts featuring spme spectacularly cool and forward-thinking art, much of it interactive. With audio-visual performances by Pod Blotz, ChuCha Santamaria y Usted, Stephen Parr-Oddball Films, and Francois Chaignaud and Marie-Caroline Hominal. 

Sat/27, 8pm-12am, $12. SOMArts, 934 Brannan, SF. 



Fark yes, it’s Burning Man camp fundraising party time — and this beloved biggie is throwing an appropriatey huge, all-day block party at Public Works. Sheer tomfoolery! And Justin and Christian Martin headline, so really good. 

Sat/27, 1pm-4am, $40. Public Works, 161 Erie, SF. 



Come early to this packed, ecstatic bi-monthly celebration of whirling gypsy music and Balkan culture. It’s one of the great parties of San Francisco, bringing all kinds of people together with some mindblowing music. Half the time I cant even begin to guess the time signature. With DJ Zeljko, dancer Jill Parker and her Foxglove Sweethearts, and awesome band Inspector Gadje. 

Sat/27, 9pm, $15. Rickshaw Stop, 155 Fell, SF.



One of my absolute fave deep house DJs of recent years. The sweet Parisian’s mixes are the kind you can really listen to and inhabit, while making you move as well. Plus he has an infectiously good-vibe stage presence that lifts the crowd. 

Sat/27, 9pm-late, $10-$15. Monarch, 101 Sixth St., SF. www.monarchsf.com



Adnan is one of those people who are the true heart and soul of the Bay Area techno scene. His roving, underground Forward parties have rocked us for a decade and hes just a sweetheart of all swearthearts, with a great mystical take on beats. Hes decamping for Brazil, leaving us bereft, but happy for him. Let’s dance together one last time before his altar, at Honey Soundsystem.

Sun/28, 10pm, $10. Holy Cow, 1535 Folsom, SF.



The former Scissor Sister recently compared the energy at the mainstream gay White Party in Palm Springs to that of early punk rock trash drag era Trannyshack, which not only rewrote gay nightlife history, but surprised the fuck outta me. She should know though, I guess: she was an integral part of SF’s rough-and-rarin’ club kid scene in the ’90s before she hit the big time – and at least she’s brought some weirdo-ness to the Glee crowd. Now she’s doing her own thing, and this will be a glorious homecoming affair, hosted by Juanita More.

Sun/28, 9pm, $20. Public Works, 161 Erie, SF.  


Party Radar: Bruno Pronsato, No Way Honey, Harlum Muziq, Tube & Berger, Candis Cayne


This week’s Super Ego clubs column is full of signs and wonders for the coming weekend, but here’s a further quintet of banging joints to top you off just right, Your soundtrack is “Triscuits,” because that’s my theme song right now. (Oh, and just a reminder — that rained-out, positively drenched Hunky Jesus contest has been rescheduled for tonight, too!)




The massive Texan technician, now hailing from Berlin like everybody else pretty much, hits us with a stop on his short, sharp tour. Really good, often wiggy but groovy stuff.

Fri/19, 9:30pm-3am, $10-$15. Monarch, 101 Sixth St., SF. www.monarchsf.com



The knockout transgender club legend comes to our favorite kooky-artsy drag weekly Some Thing — it’s gonna be a mix of something wonderful and strange, methinks.

Fri/19, 10pm, $7. The Stud, 399 Ninth St., SF.



Two of our best DJ crews, No Way Back and Honey Soundsystem, continue their fruitful collaboration, and give kids some space to just dance to killer house and techno.

Fri/19, 10pm-4am, 10pm, Beatbox, 314 11th St., SF. www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?463602


I’m throwing a little bit of underground in here, as the longtime German duo, which has gotten a lot more sophisticated lately, takes to the waterfront somewhere.

Fri/19, 9pm, $10-$20. tubeandberger.eventbrite.com



One listen to the masterpiece vinyl mix below by Jayvi Velasco from a previous Throwback party, which pumps up the old-school ’90s house jams, will let you know why I’ll be living on the dancefloor for this. Harlum Muziq label heroes David Harness and Chris Lum will preside. With Julius Papp, Galen, and — yes! — Jayvi Velasco. High kicks.

Sat/20, 9pm-late, free. Mighty, 119 Utah, SF. www.mighty119.com

Party Radar: Mutant Beat Dance, Safeword, Matmos, Harvey, Frankie Knuckles


In my weirder ’90s paisley dreams, all clubs in Montreal look like this. In my weirder 2013 Tumblr dreams all clubs in New York look like this. But I will CERTAINLY take all clubs in the here-and-now looking like the SF quintet of fantasticality that follows. N’est-ce pas?


A 100% hardware (no computers!) performance from Chicago duo Traxx and Beau Wanzer — a wiggy bit of electronic body music to blow your mind for sure.With awesome melodic-acid guru magic Touch.

Fri/22, 10pm-4am, $15. Monarch, 101 Sixth St., SF. www.monarchsf.com


He is the Godfather of House. I will be throwing down like a clown. That is all.

Sat/23, $10-$20. Mighty, 119 Utah, SF. www.mighty119.com



Our hometown techno team is blowing up on a global scale — the dreamy duo of Clint Stewart and Marc Smith, getting bigger every second, will be pumping up the awesome, bass-oriented Spilt Milk party (seriously, the Spilt Milk vibe is casual Cali fun and the music is goood), brought to us by the Mother Records crew. With the great Kimmy le Funk.  RSVP here for free entry!

Sat/23, 9pm, $5. Milk Bar, 1840 Haight, SF. www.milksf.com



The quintessential British exile mystical disco-punk pioneer, who basically showed the current wave DJs how to play whatever they want as long as it sounds good and groovy, will do us right once again. Down the rabbit hole! he’ll be joined by one of my favorite intelligent bass-house purveyors, Falty DL.   


Sat/23, 9:30am-3:30am, $10-$15. Public Works, 161 Erie, SF. www.publicsf.com



Latest album The Marriage of True Minds from the beloved, former SF-dwelling duo is based on telepathy — they projected the concept for the album into the minds of certain participants and wove their responses into the results. It’s surprisingly upbeat and danceable! And it’ll be a great opportunity to encounter some of the bay’s best experimental electronic minds as Matmos plays live.

Sun/24, 8pm-12:30am, $10. Public Works, 161 Erie, SF. www.publicsf.com

Party Radar: Terracotta Warriors come out to plaaa-aay


I’ve dreamt of traveling to Xi’an, China and witnessing the ancient army of buried terracotta warriors practically my whole life. The uncanny legions frozen in fired clay, each individual’s features uniquely fashioned, were discovered underground in 1974, a kinda creepy burial accompaniment of the first emperor Qin Shihuang (259-210 BCE), in a tomb complex the size of a city.    

Now, some of those mesmerising warriors are coming to me, via the Asian Art Museum‘s “China’s Terracotta Warriors: The First Emperor’s Legacy” where a selection of life-size figures and related objects will be exhibited Feb 22-May 27.

So of course it’s time to party, electro ’80s cult B-movie style!

In an inspired touch, the everyone-should-be-there opening party on Thu/21 will feature Cheryl, a surrealist disco performance quartet — think retro-future aerobics meets electro Warriors — from New York, as well as DJs Pink Lightning (Stay Gold), Nick, and Bay favorite Hokobo kicking out gritty jams. And, in fact, that staple of ’80s sci-fi playlist movie musts, Warriors, is providing the theme. Although with Cheryl, you never know where that theme is gonna go. Somewhere cosmically Warrior-y, I’m sure.

(I’ll be there of course, but I’m also gonna get to Xi’an someday — the food is supposed to be bonkers good.)

Thu/21, 7-11pm, $15 advance, $18 door. Asian Art Museum, 200 Larkin, SF. www.asianart.org/ party


PS The Asian Art Museum has been doing these cute promotional spots from famous San Franciscans, looking for a lost terracotta warrior:

Party Radar: Red Bull Thre3style hypes up the Bay


Every year, the musical magi at Red Bull scoop up a gaggle of disparately-styled local DJs and feed them into the hype machine, spitting out a DJ battle blast, surprisingly full of fun and Bay Area pride. Although compared to years past, the upcoming 2013 SF Red Bull Thre3style (Thu/24, 8pm at The Independent, $15) has been scaled back somewhat — only five competitors this year, instead of the usual eight, and all of them are hip-hop/electro heavy dudes — it’s still gonna be a hair-raising time, and a chance to check out some talent outside your micro-niched nightlife comfort zone. 

Plus, the competition is kinda tricky!

Here’s the gimmick: This year’s competitors — D-Sharp, J Espinosa, Dstrukt, Richie Panic, Mei-Lwun — have to include at least three genres in their 15 minute sets (mashups don’t count!), while keeping the crowd pleased. I have seen this go seriously awry in years past, which is part of the general craziness. (The winner gets to travel around and win something big, I forget what.)

Another fun 3style thing — the DJs usually ham it up (and if I know Richie Panic, which I do, mentally intimately, he will realllly turn up the ham), which makes you appreciate how self-effacing a lot of the DJ scene here usually is, despite the oft-bombastic music.

Anyway, I usually balk at branded events, but Red Bull really invested early in local nightlife scenes and brings out actual talent — this ain’t no Rock Star EDM crap, Red Bull gives you wings and standards. Just don’t OD on all the fun, k?

Here are some of my favorite sets from years past =– including one of the final appearances of DJ Solomon, RIP


Party Radar: Edwardian Ballers to take over city, doff top hats


Is Steampunk the Next Big Fashion Trend?” asked Time today. LOL-choke. Let’s just tune up our corsets and revel all weekend in burner-tinged retro-futurism at the Edwardian Ball (Fri/18 and Sat/19 at the Regency).

To wet your steamwhistle, here are pics from last year and an interview with founder Justin Katz