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Cut + Paste

BOOKS ISSUE: Zine culture survives and thrives, beyond the Web

Cult wonder

BOOKS ISSUE: Gender-hopping protagonist Vanessa Michael Munroe is back in thriller The Innocent

Shelf life

BOOKS ISSUE: Ourshelves turns over a new leaf for broke bookworms

Cruel revolution

BOOKS ISSUE: A Thousand Lives' harrowing, heartfelt Jonestown journey

Occupy hip-hop

BOOKS ISSUE: Three new lit releases by hip-hop greats put forth visions of change

Get read!

BOOKS ISSUE: 25 books from 2011 to check out

The message of 1968

Author Dave Zirin talks about a sports moment that changed the world

GOLDIES 2011 Lifetime Achievement: David Meltzer

"Of course, when I got here, the first place I went to was City Lights."

Strive to fail

What new books by Chicken John and Reverend Billy have to say to the young occupiers in our streets

Shakin’ spines

From Rowdy Roddy Piper to metaphor jugglers: some irreverent picks for Litquake 2011

Addicted to print

Pop-up store Scanners celebrates the thrill of used-book salvage

Write what you know

Will Viharo lives, breathes, and bleeds pulp fiction

The man, the myth, the legend

Grant Morrison explores better living through comics in Supergods

Bright on

Dyke porn pioneer Susie Bright opens up with Big Sex Little Death

3348 with a bullet

The pulp future of James Boice's The Good and the Ghastly

Shaking the city

Chris Carlsson's new book takes on the legacy of 1960s SF

‘AMERICA’ the beautiful

An open letter to Glenn Ligon

A better tomorrow

Will Alexander seeks a unified-all-inclusive art theory in Compression & Purity

Bleak frames and guilt

David Lester depicts the shadowy relationship between words and actions in The Listener

This place

More than one take on the words and visions of Rebecca Solnit's award-winning Infinite City

Ghosts in the machine

Matthew Zapruder's poems are built to last

Tome time

The 30th Northern California Book Awards honors the best in Bay Area publishing

Cult fiction

Introducing Taylor Stevens, your favorite new thriller author — whose own story has some twists

Burn this culture

"I didn't want to write a love letter": Steven T. Jones talks about his new book on Burning Man