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Buy local

Give your loved ones a taste of the Bay Area lit scene

Seeing other people

On highways, families, ghosts, and gods: unwrapping the gift of a good story

Shelf help

Books to get you through the holidays — and ready for a new year

Lust and loss

Cruising the landscape of gay world-making


Ruminations on Exit Ghost -- and the responsibility of fiction

The art world

The Learning to Love You More project exposes creative forces across the globe


Invasion of the party snatchers

The big guns

The Black Lizard Big Book of Pulps brings back the dames, the dicks, and the dirty deeds of a bygone era


Foreskin's Lament, Sentences: The Life of MF Grimm, Shortcomings, and more

Cemetery days

Poems smuggled out of Buchenwald record two sisters' observations from inside a living hell

All that noise

New Yorker critic Alex Ross surveys the many faces of 20th-century classical music

Boundary issues

In her story collection The Entire Predicament, Lucy Corin investigates the unstable line between public and private life

Fast, cheap, and out of control

Former labor secretary Robert Reich examines the heavy price we pay for prospering as consumers in "Supercapitalism"


A fine piece of class


Songs for Night and Steps Through the Mist

The afterworld

>A second posthumous novel by Suite Française author Irène Némirovsky argues for literature's enduring life

True crime

Documenting an assassination, novelist Francisco Goldman moves from fiction to political fictions

On the bright side

Bjørn Lomborg tells climate-change worrywarts to chillax in Cool It

Something worth fighting for

Matt Bai canvasses the Democratic reformers in search of a coherent vision in The Argument

A theocratic democracy?

Reese Erlich discusses moronic policy, complicated politics, and hopes for the future in Iran

Joining the party

In his memoir Black Radical, Nelson Peery surveys his tenure in the CP

Black-and-white beatitude

Beat captures the spirit of an era in frank and fabulous photographs

Pinkos, painters, and pansies

Daniel Hurewitz connects the identity dots among young LA's artist, activist, and fairy communities