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Vinegar and salt

It's a good time to be a fan of vintage exploitation cinema

Play on

Gamer singles out the mainstream videogame hits of 2013 — and a few smaller picks, too

Pros and cons(oles)

Will Microsoft or Sony win the battle for consumer love? Gamer tests out the new consoles.

Goin’ back to Gotham

It's heroics as usual in 'Batman: Arkham Origins'

Drive time

'GTA V' creates the ideal world for doing bad, bad things

Big game hunting

FALL ARTS: GAMER 'GTA V' and the rest

Console prizes

Gamer reports on E3 — and 2013's best title so far

Loud, with clouds

'BioShock Infinite' takes players on a fantastic voyage

Back to life?

Aging titles strategize to attract new interest

Threequel blues

GAMER: Impressive graphics can't save the too-familiar 'Crysis 3'

Scare tactics

Old spaceships, desolate planets, unloading bullets into undead creepy-crawlies: horror videogame 'Dead Space 3' gets it mostly right

Zombies FTW

Gamer looks back at 2012's best experiences behind the controls

Hail to the Chief

Halo 4 gives the fans what they want, and then some

Good. But revolutionary?

'Assassin's Creed III' takes on the American Revolution

Déjà vu all over again

Video game ourbouros: Warfighter is a sequel to a reboot.


You in danger, girl! Resident Evil 6 has a lot going on.

A non-game Gamer review: Astro A50 deadphones

September 24, 2012
Guardian video game reviewer Peter Galvin tests out technology designed to enhance the gaming experience. Product was provided for review purposes.Someone once labeled current...

Shoot to thrill

FALL ARTS PREVIEW: Gamer stops, drops, and rolls into fall's fiery pit of video-game releases

Same time next year

Sussing out the hits and misses of this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo

Bullet blender

Rockstar Games' grizzled hero takes aim in Max Payne 3.

Beyond the glitz at the Game Developer’s Conference

This is not a game: Cutting edge technology and top video gaming honors doled out right here in San Francisco

Gamer: Sony PlayStation Vita top picks (and games to skip)

March 7, 2012
Read Peter Galvin's review of the Sony PlayStation Vita in this week's Gamer column.Most of the Vita's launch games exist to show off what...

Viva la Vita

Quick and slick, the Playstation Vita is tech geek heaven

The bottom of the top

YEAR IN GAMER 2011: It's only when you approach the bottom half of a video game critic's top 10 that the real debate begins