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Con and on

Thrilling, stylish Highsmith adaptation 'The Two Faces of January'

Cel mates

Mill Valley Film Festival screens vintage and innovative animated features

Urban decay

A family struggles to survive in crime drama 'Metro Manila'

Flynn and out

Hollywood-scandal tale 'The Last of Robin Hood' comes up short

Cruel stories of youth

'Rich Hill' and 'Me and You' offer very different (but equally compelling) coming-of-age tales

Ye of little faith

A priest struggles with his flock in John Michael McDonagh's tasteful, frustrating 'Calvary'

Inglorious bastards

'The Kill Team' brings an ugly chapter in US military history to light

Framing fame

Entertainers take center stage in SF Jewish Film Festival docs

Blurry portrait

'Llyn Foulkes One Man Band' takes on an inscrutable artist

Endless Don

The Roxie celebrates the roller-coaster career of an erstwhile Hollywood hunk

It’s alive!

The Vortex Room keeps on keepin' on — for now — with the weirdest flicks you'll see all summer

Puff piece

Music-manager doc 'Supermensch' doth gush too much

Anxious art

Striking 'Masterpieces of Polish Cinema' at the PFA -- with a strange Jerry Garcia(!) twist

Peculiar thrills

Barbie art, wicker kittens, Harry Who, and jingle bells at DocFest 13

Stony lonesome

'I Wake Up Dreaming' unspools rare, hard-boiled tales

Skin deep

Costume drama Belle takes on race and class in 18th century England


The male protagonists of 'Fading Gigolo' and 'Locke' do what they gotta do

Devil’s advocate

Sokurov's 2011 'Faust' finally makes its local debut

Freedom of expression

A PFA series pays tribute to Czech New Wave filmmaker Jan Nemec

Lost in space

A new doc reveals 'the greatest film never made' -- Jodorowsky's 'Dune'

Smotherly love

The twisted family dynamics of Romanian film 'Child's Pose' -- complete with its very own, original, terrifying monster

Sturm und drang

German mini-series 'Generation War' offers a sudsy look back at WWII

Constructing change

Despite bureaucratic frustrations, an innovative high-school program elevates lives in 'If You Build It'

England made him

A Michael York tribute highlights this year's Mostly British Film Festival