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Year of the Workhorse

Different Fur Studio owner Patrick Brown saddles up for 2014

Radio Romance

MUSIC: BFF.fm is the new cool kid in town

POW!’s Byron Blum on staying put

January 22, 2014
When John Dwyer announced that he was leaving San Francisco for LA a few weeks ago, he caused a bit of blogosphere melodrama, to...

House party

How to make a home into a venue

Bang with Friends buttons up, becomes DOWN

November 14, 2013
Even apps wanna play games with your heart — Bang with Friends has announced it will phase out its current, shameless name and make...

The procrastinator’s Treasure Island Music Festival to-do list

October 14, 2013
From snatching that perfect pair of tolerably uncomfortable shoes to sourcing stamina-inducing party favors, pre-music festival preparations are key. Unfortunately I’m a procrastinator to...

Porn, punked?

SEX + MUSIC ISSUE: Want your band to get noticed? Launch a porn site.

Charting heat

SEX + MUSIC ISSUE: We pair sex apps with pop stars, because why not.

Fear not Folsom first-timers: advice through the lens of local photographers

September 23, 2011
Folsom weekend has arrived and if you're new to the game, you've got all kinds of decisions to contemplate before running out onto the...

SF’s sluttiest blogger brings the sexy circus to town

September 16, 2011
Forget clowns, acrobats, and bedazzled animals and step right up to a stage full of erotic stimulation, play, and perversion at Fleur De Lis...

Social media is for lovers: TheIceBreak brings couples to the web

September 9, 2011
Even when you meet someone online, most people would agree that the reward is eventually being able to interact with that human in real...

Perfecting the slap and tingle of a proper spank

September 2, 2011
The traditional open-handed spank is quintessential in its own right, but a good ripe slap on the rump is only level one. For anyone interested...

Getting to the bottom of Anal Sex Month

August 27, 2011
Open wide, sweet cheeks: August is for anal. Swap out this weekend's BBQ plans and invite over a couple extra hands to give your...

PSIgasm explores the science of the climax

August 19, 2011
Kinsey was an obvious pioneer of sexy science and the sexual revolution was sparked in the decades after his first studies contributed hard facts...

San Francisco’s chance at seeing 3D porn goes flat

August 11, 2011
If you thought wizards and animated toys were fun in 3D, imagine putting on a pair of those nerdy glasses and getting popped in...

Lush exhibit bares all on opening night

August 8, 2011
Melbourne graffiti artist Lush is all about shock value. His images of gigantic, squirting genitalia and nasty phrases on display Friday night at FIFTY24SF definitely...

The Crash Pad Series celebrates episode 100 with a list of San Francisco pleasures

July 29, 2011
Fierce femmes, bashful bois, fisting, wrestling, squirting, and squealing, The Crash Pad is one fictional apartment that any voyeur would love to call neighbor....

Mark Mulroney uses repressed Catholicism to explore sex and gore

July 22, 2011
Artist Mark Mulroney learned his ABCs in Catholic school but his spongey child-brain soaked up a lot more than just textbook facts and bible...

Opening up the [SSEX BBOX]

July 14, 2011
What turns you on? Why do you use a condom? How do you define your gender? From Spain to Germany, Brazil and the US, the...

OneTaste opens orgasm pop-up shop

July 8, 2011
Yes, you read that correctly. And no, they're not providing customers with afternoon delights. OneTaste's "orgasm store" has academic goals: instructing the masses on...

Feelmore510 is bringing sexy back to Oakland

July 1, 2011
The Bay's east side can seem a little prudish, especially when compared to its slutty sister city. Until February, Oakland's only retail resources for...

Girls just want to have fun

The SF girls of Leather  cute kink and breaking down stereotypes

Romancing queer celebrity JD Samson during Pride

June 23, 2011
How adorable is JD Samson? As a member of the legendary electro-feminist band Le Tigre and currently the force behind MEN, her music skills alone bank...

Roll in the punky grime of Wax Idols

June 22, 2011
It's purple and bloodied, scuffed and raw from a blind leap and yet if you dig your finger in deep enough, there's a soft...