Getting to the bottom of Anal Sex Month

Pub date August 27, 2011
SectionSex Blog

Open wide, sweet cheeks: August is for anal. Swap out this weekend’s BBQ plans and invite over a couple extra hands to give your rump the stimulating attention it deserves. Whether you’ve already succumbed to a heavy load of action in the previous weeks or you’re still feeling a bit shy about unlocking the back door, San Francisco’s adult-only retailers have some toys that will have you bending over with joy. 

While it has yet to reach Halmark holiday status, Anal Month does have a long-standing history (as “proved” by these mock-up ads). This celebration of bottom pleasure comes with the slogan, “Give in to haste and remain chaste” and encourages men and women to think outside the box when tempted by prenuptial, promiscuous desires. Today anal is cherished not as an alternative, but as an addition. The best thing about butts? Everybody has one and the all-inclusive play works well with fingers, lips, tounges, and of course, a variety of store-bought options. 

With only one week left, it’s time to get some gear for your rear. Check out these locally-foraged suggestions:



“Romeo Silicone Anal Toy” from Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations has full shelves lined with props promising deep rectal pleasure, but if you’re uncertain where to start, take a peek at their online shopping guide before heading into the store or be brave and ask an employee for suggestions. These pretty magenta beads are slim at the top and grow wider down the string, making this toy ideal for testing the waters. When things get good, pull out one bead at a time to intesify your climax. 


The “Amber Swirl” from Glass Kandi

Web shop Glass Dildo Me, has a wide web selection but head into their physical shop Glass Kandi, to see the gleaming glass beauties for yourself. Not only are they stunning visually, but glass dildos are hypoallergenic, odor free, and non-deteriorating. With a proper cleaning, even the dirtiest of play washes right off. If you like it hard, this toy offers absolute firmness and minimal friction with some super glossy lube. Get it hot, get it cold, this amber-colored gem will hold just what you like. 


“World’s Most Comfortable Butt Plug” from Mr. S Leather

Size large either looks intimidating or incredibly inviting– lucky for all, Mr. S Leather carries seven sizes in their signature plug, from mini to XXXL. They’re made of solid aluminum and can be worn for hours on end, fitting snug and hugging close to your prostate (if you have one, of course). Contrary to the way in-and-out of a dildo, butt plugs are meant to stay in place, filling up the anal cavity and adding intensity to an orgasm or an exciting walk around town.