The Crash Pad Series celebrates episode 100 with a list of San Francisco pleasures

Pub date July 29, 2011
SectionSex Blog

Fierce femmes, bashful bois, fisting, wrestling, squirting, and squealing, The Crash Pad is one fictional apartment that any voyeur would love to call neighbor. Lucky for all, the key to this hotbed of locally produced, randy queer porn is under the mat and everyone is invited to crack the door and peek inside at the Pad’s celebration for hitting the triple digits.

The Crash Pad Series started in 2007 as the genius creation of Pink & White Productions, a film company that prides themselves on “beautifully fucked and beautifully produced” explorations in queer sex. The simple premise of the series keeps things hot and honest, nothing cheesy and nothing fake; the authenticity of pleasure is a big bonus in viewing quality. The rotating cast of characters are just as diverse as the sex itself and site subscribers can watch their favorites in action, scan stills from the shoot, and hear all the dirty details from performers in the behind the scenes interviews. Pink & White’s owner Shine Louise Houston chose genderqueer pornstar Jiz Lee and feminist porn icon Nina Hartley, (who many will recognize from Boogie Nights and a large collection of instructional videos popular in the ’90s) to hash it out for number 100. There’s a whole lot of chemistry between the daring duo and they waste little time before taking off the boots and getting down to the good stuff: saucy cock-sucking, female ejaculation, strap-ons, breath control, and impact play. 

“No poop, no blood, no glitter,” the only rules of the Pad, says performer Jiz Lee. “The first two are because the Credit Card company won’t allow it. The last is because the stuff is impossible to clean up.” Letting the pornstars control of the actions always turns out to be a major turn on. 

In honor of the show’s big birthday, The Guardian asked some of the Crash Pad’s regular performers to put-out and offer up their favorite San Francisco pleasures. 


SFBG: Name 5 things in San Francisco that turn you on.

Nina Hartley: Center for Sex and Culture, Good Vibrations, Greens restaurant, Colibri restaurant, and Absinthe restaurant.

Jiz Lee: My bicycle, El Rio’s back patio, Muir Beach, community gardens, and swimming.

Minax: Kabuki Spa, SF Citadel, my private play space, yoga with Skeeter, Bi-Rite!

James Darling: Mr. S Leather, ice cream from Bi-Rite, Vixen dildos, Eros, and the Center for Sex and Culture.


SFBG: What 4 places in the Bay would make hot Crash Pad field-trip episodes?

Stealth Machine: Sutro Baths, Marin Headlands, the grave yard at Mission Dolores (sacrilege!) and El Rio!

Scarlett Chaos: Dolores Park, the Lex, [somewhere with] the Golden Gate bridge in the background, the pier, the Armory.  

Kitty Stryker: Sutro Baths (mmm, outdoor cruising), the Looking Glass dungeon, a warehouse space in Oakland (Nimby, perhaps?), the Albany [Bulb].

Madison Young: The Lexington, Wicked Grounds, the Center for Sex and Culture, and Mojo Café. 


SFBG: Who are 3 of the sexiest San Franciscans you know?

Stealth Machine: Lance Holman (Mr SF Leather 2010), Annie Danger, and Storm Miguel Florez.

Minax: Jiz Lee, Carol Queen, and Annie Sprinkle.

Madison Young: Princess Donna, Syd Blakovich, and Ceci Dolores.

Ian Sparks: Jiz Lee, Nic Switch, Vid Tuesday (oops, he just moved to Oakland).


SFBG: Where are 2 great places for outdoor sex in the Bay? 

Jiz Lee: Dolores Park, Travel Lodge roof top.

Syd Blakovich: Sutro Baths and handjobs on the F line from Fisherman’s Wharf to the Castro.

Kitty Stryker: I love having sex on top of Twin Peaks looking out over the city! Tilden Park is nice for foresty fun.

Tristan Crane: On the rooftop of our apartment buildings, in the middle of Folsom Street during the street fair. Sort of dirty, but also a rite of passage. 


SFBG: If San Francisco had a signature sex position or kind of play, what would it be?

Nina Hartley: Pansexual play parties.

Jiz Lee: San Francisco’s signature sex position would be a big, throbbing, wet, FIST.

James Darling: Gangbang with friends.

Maxine Holloway: Is a big queer orgy kitten pile a position?