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Life through the lens

Ross McElwee brings 'Photographic Memory' to the PFA

Lost in space

A new doc reveals 'the greatest film never made' -- Jodorowsky's 'Dune'

Smotherly love

The twisted family dynamics of Romanian film 'Child's Pose' -- complete with its very own, original, terrifying monster

The art of martial arts

CAAMFest remembers legendary producer Sir Run Run Shaw

Sturm und drang

German mini-series 'Generation War' offers a sudsy look back at WWII

Constructing change

Despite bureaucratic frustrations, an innovative high-school program elevates lives in 'If You Build It'

Masterpiece theater

In 'Tim's Vermeer,' an inventor re-creates a priceless artwork using paint — and technology

England made him

A Michael York tribute highlights this year's Mostly British Film Festival

Ennui the people

Life lessons (my friend is an alien, what do I do?) abound at SF IndieFest as it turns sweet 16

Mann up

PFA lures Anthony Mann's crime noirs out of the shadows

Mumble, mumble, murder

A photographer shoots fake crime scenes in Joe Swanberg's meta-thriller '24 Exposures'

Soft eyes

Chip Lord unearths unexpected details in urban landscapes

Bee true

The documentaries of Berlin and Beyond

A tale of two

Actor-director Ralph Fiennes brings Dickens' love life into focus

Super Tramp

SF Silent Film Fest marks an icon's 100th anniversary

Bad company

Stage hit 'August: Osage County' loses potency on the big screen

Back in Burgundy

Director Adam McKay reports on 'Anchorman 2'

All that glitters

David O. Russell's 'American Hustle' delivers a giddy caper elevated by memorable performances

Gore to the world

Scare yourself silly with 1984 cult classic 'Silent Night, Deadly Night'

3-2-1 contact

Journey into Unarius with 'Children of the Stars'

Riot acts

'The Punk Singer' chronicles Kathleen Hanna's remarkable life — and mysterious illness

School gaze

Frederick Wiseman's 'At Berkeley' offers a lengthy, layered portrait of higher education

La ho-hum vita

'The Great Beauty' has style, but doesn't live up to the hype

Born to lose

Alexander Payne's small-scale, deeply satisfying 'Nebraska'