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Tsai me up, Tsai me down

Ode to The Wayward Cloud

Week one

Critics' short takes on the first week of SFIFF films

Cocky bull story

The Outsider pays tribute to the legendary ... James Toback?

28 years later

Matt Gonzalez and director Stanley Nelson ponder the fate and impact of Peoples Temple and the truth behind the powerful new doc Jonestown

Un certain regard

L'Enfant is perfection as usual for the Dardenne brothers

Doomsday dream believer

A documentary uncovers Jim Jones's bad faith and the how behind the Guyana tragedy

Getting to know T.I.

One thing to like about Clifford "T.I." Harris Jr.'s truthful intelligence is the fact that the straight-outta–West Atlanta MC chose XXL, not Entertainment Weekly, as the place to compare himself (in an interview) to...

It takes 3 – or 50

Beastie Boys share an Awesome collabo with fans

C’mon pilgrims

Carlos Reygadas and Claire Denis keep film mastery alive

Pick: Thank You for Smoking

SATIRE Outfitted with a name that sounds shiny and desirable, Nick Naylor (Aaron Eckhart) is in the business of eating shit with a smile, then pretending that aforementioned shit is, in fact, a brand!...

Big skies, broken hearts

Wenders and Shepard revisit Paris, Texas by way of Butte, Montana

The ‘ol whizbang

Oh! What a Lovely War substitutes for a cowardly current-day Hollywood

Whose cheatin’ Heart?

A fable of our era leaps - or hobbles - from page to screen

Film Picks

'Neo-Benshi Night: Move Over, Big Screen' POETIC CINEMA Cribbing from Japanese cinema's early days, last year Konrad Steiner and San Francisco Cinematheque introduced neo-benshi – live narration by local poets of movie...


For proof – as if any is needed – that television is overwhelmingly a right-wing medium, one need only contemplate the manner in which DNA evidence is cited in the glut of true crime...

Behind and beyond bars

Perhaps the best book written about a wrongly convicted man is Jack Olsen's Last Man Standing, a chronicle of the 27 years Geronimo Ji-Jaga Pratt spent caged in a California prison thanks to crooked...

Princess diaries

Most teen starlets are probably satisfied to look their hottest on press junkets and don the cutest duds they can find at Fred Segal. But at 15, Q'Orianka Kilcher isn't your average Teen Vogue...

Native son

Terrence Malick digs deep into America's past with The New World

‘Winner’ takes all

IF YOU CONSIDER  it amazing that New York Times best-selling author Augusten Burroughs was able to maintain a lucrative job in advertising while consuming enough alcohol nightly to poison a small town (see the...


Looking-glass eyes

Little girls lost

Two new films ask, have you checked the children?

Film: Critic’s Choice: ‘San Francisco’s Broken Promise’

Thurs/29, Delancey Street Screening Room WHEN A GROUP  of Modesto Junior College students began looking into what Bay Guardian editor and publisher Bruce B. Brugmann calls "the biggest scandal in American history...