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Visual reaction

FALL ARTS 2014 Upcoming exhibitions explore politics through art

Look here instead

Bay Area Now 7 proposes other routes through dark times

This old house

"3020 Laguna Street in Exitum" transforms a doomed Cow Hollow domicile into nine site-specific artworks

No country

February 15, 2012

"Bros Before Hos" tackles the rough business of being a man

No country

"Bros Before Hos" tackles the rough business of being a man

Hello, Carol!

Carol Channing: Larger Than Life celebrates a legend

Female trouble

Noir City X raises a glass to cinematic bad girls

What recession?

Art Basel Miami, take one: Buzz outflashed protest at this year's beachside art fair

On nostalgia

YEAR IN FILM: You've finally made a Muppet out of me


YEAR IN VISUAL ART: Can the various democratizations of 2011 art trickle up?

Dead horses and fool’s gold

Ventriloquism, alchemy: Ray Beldner at Catharine Clark and Leslie Shows at Haines

Bling and the kingdom

"Maharaja" at the Asian Art Museum and "The Matter Within" at YBCA focus on India's past and present

GOLDIES 2011: Tammy Rae Carland

Offering photographic retorts to hoary stereotypes

GOLDIES 2011: Ana Teresa Fernandez

A glossy realism that foregrounds physicality and sensuality

Occupational hazards

Geof Oppenheimer's politically charged new show at Ratio 3 juxtaposes polyphony with cacophany

Uncomfortable truths

The SF Arts Commission's "SHIFT" asks America to put aside its discomfort and talk about race

Channeling darkness

"TV Noir" celebrates the tarnish on television's golden years

The sight of sound

Punting audible obsolescence with Christian Marclay's cassette-based photograms and Fran Herndon's poetic echoes. 

Caves of forgotten dreams

Brice Bischoff's "Cave X" and Colin Christy's "Wild and Scenic" turn the outside inward


Time traveling at the 12th annual San Francisco Electronic Music Festival

Vision statement

FALL ARTS PREVIEW: Our visual arts column Hairy Eyeball sizes up fall's gallery and museum shows

The persistence of objects

Dadaist hybrids breathe remarkable new life in Berkeley Art Museum's "Kurt Schwitters: Color and Collage"

Just say no

HAIRY EYEBALL: "Negative Space" at Steven Wolf Fine Arts transforms pessimism into something unexpected

California dreaming

Metal quilts and radical piss-taking marks YBCA's Bay Area Now