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Volume 48 Number 05

Playing chicken

TABLEHOPPING: Good starts at Café Terminus, stellar caffeine on Polk, and juicy chicken all up in your grill.

The Guardian’s Clean Slate Voter Guide

Yes on Prop. A; No, no, no! on Prop. B; No on Prop. C; Yes on Prop. D; Dennis Herrera for City Attorney; Jose Cisneros for Treasurer; Katy Tang for D4 Supervisor; and Carmen Chu for Assessor.

The art of dialogue

Voices and impressions from Poland's Dialog Festival

Hot and cool

Love story 'Blue is the Warmest Color' courts acclaim — and controversy

To hell and back

Steve McQueen's brutal, stunning '12 Years a Slave'

Lit up

Local choreographers find inspiration in fiction

Fresh at the rebirth

Rad new record store RS94109 cues up the TL. Plus: Maya Jane Coles, Sapphire Slows, Dance Party Boys, Lyfe, I-Beam tribute, more nightlife

Cover me bad

The art of the Halloween tribute band tradition


Garage rock pioneers the Sonics return on a wave of Total Trash

In the year of worms

Grass Widow's Hannah Lew offers Cold Beat tales of 'death, paranoia, and science fiction'

Volume 48 Number 5 Flip-through Edition

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Fight back to save your home

By Tommi Avicolli Mecca and Fred Sherburn-ZimmerOPINION The good news from San Francisco these days is that tenants are fighting back in a big...

Join the movement

EDITORIAL San Francisco is headed for a showdown. Those who see the city as primarily a place to make money and who want to...

Shit happened (Oct. 23-29)

Tenant proposals and Guardian forum address eviction crisis; Students fight suspensions; Techies to NSA: Stop spying!

What jobs?

Economic recovery is lopsided — and disorganization in the city's workforce development system doesn't help

Guardians of Fospice

DEATH ISSUE: Death is part of life at San Francisco's SPCA

Why won’t you let me go?

DEATH ISSUE: Unlike in Oregon, Death with Dignity is not legal in California. Why not?

Reclaiming death

DEATH ISSUE: Death midwives shepherd the dying and then help the living say an intimate, inexpensive, and eco-friendly goodbye

Among the archived

Exploring the Bay Area Reporter's online database of AIDS-era obituaries

Let’s talk about death

DEATH ISSUE: Saying goodbye isn't easy, but it's an important part of life. We explore the Bay Area's evolving relationship with the end of life, from Boomer care and Death with Dignity to the "death midwives" movement.