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Volume 46 Number 48

Finger waves

It's all about the signs at Mozzeria

No cheeseburger status updates

Bryan McPherson struggles with contradictions in American culture

Secret Scotsman

DJ Deevice gives the summer downlow, Dub Mission turns 16. Plus: Original Plumbing, the Field, more parties.

Mission sandwiched

PB and please -- lunch goes above and beyond with sophisticated sandos

Heavy drinking

Pretentious 'Lawless' takes its moonshinin' way too seriously

Live by the sword

Tsui Hark -- director of the awesome new Flying Swords of Dragon Gate -- talks 3D, IMAX, and returning to Dragon Gate Inn

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Sugar high

Chasing the (sweet) dragon at San Francisco's candy stores

The tuning forks

Musical experiences to dine for

The Turntable Kitchen remixes dinnertime

Eat your Frank Ocean with a side of pop overs and jam, say the web geniuses behind site

Rich appetites

The BrokeAss Gourmet teaches life skills with a side of peanut sauce

Temporarily blunted

Facebook saw fit to block marijuana advocacy ads -- what does this say about public discourse on the Internet?

The agri-chem industry’s secrets

Say yes to Proposition 37 for the health of our families

Feeding a movement

Keith McHenry on the history of Food Not Bombs and how it's recently been occupied

Portable pollution

The dirty generators powering a rapidly expanding number of mobile food trucks escape the attention of air quality regulators

Jesus-free food

Churches aren't the only option for free meals

Other options for St. Luke’s

The hospital means too much to the city to lose it

Parting gift

Harrington finally brings CleanPowerSF to City Hall, hoping his SFPUC legacy will be a city that produces its own renewable energy

Eat to the beat

Gourmet offerings, high-end snacks, and pop-up chefs come to rock festivals and music venues. Should you give a fork?