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Endorsements 2014

Vote to give Muni more money, raise the minimum wage, discourage real estate speculation, and send Campos to Sacramento

Democracy is stalled

Corporate cash flows in this election while federal campaign finance reform flounders

Project Censored 2014

Ocean acidification tops the annual list of important stories ignored by the mainstream media

Ralph Nader writes a letter to Rep. John Boehner

September 22, 2014Dear Speaker Boehner,While millions of hardworking Americans are working more and more for less and less, you and your House of Representatives...

The back story of the celebrated Boys’ Night Out at John’s Grill

 By Bruce B. Brugmann (Scroll down for photo id and to see Ex- Marine Pete McCloskey jump the barricade and storm Martin's Beach) Boys' Night...

Internet Slowdown marks fight on net neutrality

Don’t be surprised if you go online tomorrow and see a “loading” symbol – aka the proverbial “spinning wheel of death” – staring...

Contending with cars, at the polls and on vacation

STREET FIGHT San Francisco's politics of mobility devolved into a cesspit this summer. Beginning with Mayor Ed Lee's retreat on Sunday parking meters, purportedly...

SF school board votes to aid Central American child refugees, hopes to spark national movement

Waves of Central American child refugees are landing in San Francisco, fleeing violence in their home countries. A growing number of supporters are lending...

Wanted: more huddled masses

CAREERS + ED Tech companies lobby for more immigrant work visas, bypassing US residents and creating a labor force bound by golden handcuffs

Citizens United measure challenged — does it matter what Californians think about corporate personhood?

Recently, the California Legislature approved a nonbinding question that would allow California voters to show their thoughts – mainly, their disdain – for the...

Refugee crisis hits home

Waves of child immigrants await court dates in San Francisco, facing deportation back to their violent home countries without legal representation

Pride and prejudice

How the attack on teacher tenure echoes through the movement for LGBT rights

Theater Listings: June 18 – 24, 2014

Stage listings are compiled by Guardian staff. Performance times may change; call venues to confirm. Reviewers are Robert Avila, Rita Felciano, and Nicole Gluckstern....

Streetcar standoff

Muni sickout echoes earlier labor clashes and economic inequities

Invisible no more

Threatened with deportation and paid illegally low wages, East Bay recycling workers did the unthinkable: They fought back.

There is too much going on this weekend: The Congress, Not Dead Yet Fest, and more

Y'all ever have that thing where a week or two will go by without a show you're particularly stoked on, and then all of...

Nature kids

Bay Area bands breathe new life into a salty, windswept West Coast tradition

Renting isn’t sharing

Share conference outlines the possibilities and pitfalls for a new economy at the crossroads

Income gap

Dueling SF minimum wage increase measure headed for November ballot unless labor and business leaders can compromise on one

Film Listings: April 30 – May 6, 2014

Film listings are edited by Cheryl Eddy. Reviewers are Kimberly Chun, Dennis Harvey, Lynn Rapoport, and Sara Maria Vizcarrondo. For rep house showtimes, see...

Guardian endorsements

Campos for Assembly, Yes on Props. B and 42, re-elect Gov. Jerry Brown — our recommendations for the June 2014 primary election

Love rumbles

Who is Charlie Megira? A Berlin rebel with a Bay Area connection

Left out

Progressive candidates for governor have a hard time amplifying their calls for economic justice

Save the world, work less

With climate change threatening life as we know it, perhaps it's time to revive the forgotten goal of spending less time on our jobs