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Volume 47 Number 29

At the hub

Yoga teacher and environmental consultant Konda Mason links consciousness, activism, and sustainability

Red all over

A Tribe Called Red's electric powwow comes to SF. Plus: Silent Servant, Simian Mobile Disco, Tubesteak Connection, Joe Claussell, and more on the week's finest dancefloors

How to make it in rock’n’roll

Phil Manley's Life Coach, Anna Hillburg's solo album, King Khan and BBQ Show return

Volume 47 Number 29 Flip-through Edition

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Class act

Thomas Bradshaw's 'The Bereaved' sends-up the breakdown of the American middle-class

Ish says

Mr. Marina 2013's guide to the 'hood he calls home


Male strippers to Ms. Leather: Your week in sex events

Punk democracy

Mike Park's scrappy Asian Man Records keeps prices low, maintains integrity, helps bands help themselves


Jook nook at B Star, duck flautas at Chilango, and a well-worth-it pizza splurge at Farina

Looking over the Overlook

Filmmaker Rodney Ascher entices viewers into 'Room 237'

Able fables

Fairy-tale inspiration done right, in two delightful imports

Without limits

Cheers to AXIS Dance Company's 25th anniversary

Let it roll

The fight-free world of Dry Ice Arena

Making CEQA work

Appeals are great when it comes to public projects -- but there's got to be some limits

Billy and the golden toads

Reverend Billy Talen and his Church of Stop Shopping come to town

Is there a “green” way to frack?

An erstwhile chair of the Rainforest Action Network says yes

By the numbers

An Earth Day 2013 index

Indicator city

If cutting edge San Francisco can't meet the challenge of climate change and related environmental issues, are we all doomed?

Fracking changes everything

It's toxic. It's contributing to climate change. And it's happening all over California — with little regulation