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Volume 44 [2009–10]

Appetite: Dinner and cocktails with a view

Gazing deliciously upon the city at Luce and Top of the Mark

Appetite: The green fairy transforms

ABSINTHE - education through a panel, a new book, and a night of absinthe at the Ferry Building

Appetite: Highlights of SF Cocktail Week, part 2

That fizzy, magical week during which cocktails take over our fair city has just washed over us. Here are more highlights -- check out...

Volume 44 Number 52 Flip-through Edition

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Expansive roles

The Brothers Size gets apt Magic, while the play's the thing in Etiquette

Armchair generals unite!

Civilization V will suck your present life into the past

SKI-thal weapon

E-A-SKI nets a film festival prize — with a little help from Danny Glover

High on arrival

Curren$y strikes one up for traditionalism on Pilot Talk

Do it Clean

Barbara Manning holds forth on Kiwi rock's jangle power

Of Human Bondage

Hairy Eyeball: The totemic works of Tim Whiten and the performance actions of Rudolf Schwarzkogler present different types of opaque ritual

False witness

Talking with Yael Hersonski about her tactful excavation of a Nazi propaganda film

Status update

The Social Network pokes into the founding of Facebook

Practiced distance

The elements of Paul Clipson's streaming cinema -- showing at SFMOMA

All the love

Lovevolution may be canceled, but the dance floor adoration still flows with Flagging in the Park, Silent Frisco, Clubroot, and more lovely parties

Visionary movement

"Traditions Engaged" presents a weekend of Indian dance

It’s raining yuks

'Tis the season to wet yourself laughing

When you’re having more than one

The Beer Issue: Our panel rates local session beers

Who wants cheap beer?

You do, duh. Our Beer Issue guides you to affordable brews

The test of the Tenderloin

Can a low-income neighborhood become more livable — without gentrification?

Dollars or sense?

Few San Franciscans can afford the market-rate homes developers plan to build — so why doesn't the city have a plan to house its workers and low-income residents?

Appetite: Highlights of SF Cocktail Week, part 1

The magical settings, moments and drinks were many in the 4th Annual SF Cocktail Week, which set the bar high for all future Cocktail Weeks......

Prop. B will save healthcare

Even with contributions required by Prop. B, city employees will receive a benefit package that is unparalleled in the private sector

Needed: a public health master plan

California Pacific Medical Center's plan to build a massive new regional hospital on Van Ness shouldn't be under the jurisdiction of the Planning Commission

Editor’s Notes

No amount of volunteerism will lift huge masses out of poverty