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Volume 44 Number 17

Appetite: Hoist your stein for Beer Week

Food-and-drink spots, deals, events and news

All together now

Citay makes a mighty big noise. Plus: NOMO, Clipd Beaks, Do Make Say Think, and Thee Oh Sees


Total charity blasts! The nightlife community pulls out the big guns for Haiti

Marijuana goes mainstream

Take a tour of the Bay Area's best cannabis clubs, which are proving that prohibition is the problem, not pot

Doom and decay

The slow and stoned sound of Saint Vitus — born too late, or too early?

Sound effects

Mincemeat or Tenspeed put the pedal to the mettle

Welcome to violence

Madlib, now in his hardcore phase, hands out sonic pamphlets like a prophet of doom

Buzz kill

A petition is filed to regulate the movement -- and destruction -- of nonlocal, commercially reared bumblebees

Potrero punk power

Power threesome Dadfag makes things sink and make sense

Scraping bottom

Muni plans for layoffs, fare hikes, and service reductions meet with resistance

Do make drone

Thirty years of Big City Orchestra's bent circuits, Beatlerape, and popcorn sounds

Editor’s Notes

Why so many people are so mad at the Obama administration — and why we shouldn't panic

Mockumentary, true love

The joys of Waiting for Guffman -- and an upcoming afternoon with Fred Willard

The problem with Tasers

A Taser should be treated like any lethal weapon, and used only when deadly force would be authorized

Queer and present

Keith Hennessy: 20 years in, still rattling everyone's cages with theatrically pungent works

White out

Nets of unexpected kindness -- and a meatloaf sandwich at Valencia Pizza and Pasta

Miami plays itself

Art Basel, part two: Faux-favelas and real degradation

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The Richmond

Elegant California cuisine in an unusual setting filled with nooks and draped with curtains

Pit bull in a pony tail

Hold your breath for Fish Tank's girl on the verge