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Volume 44 Number 27

Uproot: Notes from the underground food scene

Does anyone in the movement have an overarching theory about the recent surge of popular interest?

Hey kids! It’s Panique time!

How many children's films would have dialogue like "Father's in a concentration camp"?

Bright futures

Two promising new works-in-progress debut at CounterPULSE

Hot for learning

CAREERS AND ED: The Bay's best electives make the grade

Part of the solution

CAREERS AND ED: SF's most forward-thinking higher education programs

Volume 44 Number 27 Flip-through Edition

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Happy returns

ACT mounts Morris Panych's likeable Vigil

Twin stars

Space and silence and uncanny intuition add up to the xx

Keep the faith

Little Dragon escapes the R&B-according-to-hipsters pitfall

Way out Middle East

Roxie film series honors Israel's Pride Month


Wine bar meets beer hall, with vivid small plates and intriguing meats (hearts not included).

Whatever it takes

Israeli defense technique Krav Maga goes for the throat

Duck me

Wheels are wheels, and noodles are wide at Hai Ky Mi Gia

Dreams on 45

Sonny Smith brings you "100 Records" — and the jukebox to play them

Inside the squat

Homes Not Jails seizes a vacant apartment that was recently an elderly man's home

Where’s teacher?

Layoffs at Horace Mann show how low SFUSD's proposed budget is willing to go

Our stuff, our planet

Author Annie Leonard's shines some cleansing light on the toxic effects of capitalism in The Story of Stuff

Access denied

It's becoming harder to get an education in California, even at community colleges

Original synth

A strange new wave of retro washes over music and nightlife

Editor’s Notes

The Democratic County Central Committee slate card could play a key role in choosing the next mayor of San Francisco

Avoiding a taxicab meltdown

300 medallion holders who are now more than 70 years old will be allowed to sell their permits and pocket the money

Revenue for all

It's time for an unapologetic progressive taxation movement for this November's ballot and beyond, to make the city's great wealth - individual and corporate, often badly undertaxed - work for all San Franciscans