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Volume 44 Number 05

David Wilson

Goldies 2009: Providing autonomous-zone community gatherings and memories to draw on

Beth Wilmurt

GOLDIES 2009: An unexpected approach to acting which animates devastatingly unassuming characters


GOLDIES 2009: Buzzers, blackouts, spook shows, and a thrilling resuscitation of "marginal" traditions

Nol Simonse

GOLDIES 2009: He can melt to the floor and give the impression he's spilling out of his skin

Ty Segall

GOLDIES 2009: Melodicism filtered through a sensibility fostered on the skate vid soundtracks


GOLDIES 2009: Hewing to the life of rock 'n' roll kings with an almost philosophical dedication

Honey Soundsystem

GOLDIES 2009: Tearing down the monolith of gay club music while digging up the past

Monique Jenkinson

GOLDIES 2009: As Fauxnique, she mines diamond truths about the relationship between women and gay men

Emory Douglas

GOLDIES 2009 LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Bringing the militant chic of the Panther image to the masses


GOLDIES 2009: A rapper with a grassroots rise and a "No Hoe" radio-readiness

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Veronica De Jesus

GOLDIES 2009: Training our attention on the physicality of drawing, and not erasing a line in 12 years

Cary Cronenwett

GOLDIES 2009: Filming revolutionary ideas that extend beyond historical reenactment

Luke Butler

GOLDIES 2009: Exposing Shatner's vulnerabilities, Saddam's cock, and cultural double standards

Sugar Pie DeSanto

GOLDIES 2009 LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: The "Queen of the West Coast Blues" stays gung-ho

You and yers

No outrage -- and a satisfying french fries fix -- at Lawrence Bakery Cafe

Return to Cougar Town

andrea@mail.altsexcolumn.com Dear Readers: I was going to write more this week about body size, body image, and sex, but I'm stupid sick, so here's an older...

Marching on Chevron

GREEN CITY: Activists from Global Exchange protest alleged human rights abuses and environmental devastation

The battle for District 6

A suddenly hot election could determine the balance of power on the next Board of Supervisors

The pension fund evictions

State retirement money went to predatory landlords

Pot pioneers

Legislature dopes out marijuana bill as legalization petition gets passed around


The 21st Guardian Outstanding Local Discovery awards, honoring the Bay's best in arts


Thirty years on, the vegetarian Mecca still looks sensational and tastes as good as ever

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