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Volume 44 Number 04

6 pop-up lunches

FEAST: Unconventional dining spots for adventurous eaters


Our endorsements for the Nov. 3, 2009 elections

Beasts from the east

Patrick Macias brings the shocking history of Japanese horror flicks to ATA

Teeny ‘Tiny’

Berkeley Rep's "Tiny Kushner" shows the towering playwright in lest than statuesque form

Girls, girls, girls

Brilliant Colors glow, Madonna asks for "more tuna." Plus: Former Ghosts and Big Business

Know the unknown

New doc explores H.P. Lovecraft's lasting influence -- and Cthulhu slippers!

Into the wilds

Killer-nature flick The Canyon advocates staycations

Do you remember?

Five years after his murder, Mac Dre is the Bay's rallying cry

Ghostly hardware

Neo-goth and retro and contempo horror music pulse forth

Son of the source

Jonathan Wilson and California as muse

Serene velocity

Blues Control's mobile minimalism and Local Flavor

Foxy lady

Victor Pelevin serves up a sexual odyssey starring russian super werewolves

Anti-doofus agenda

Amiri Baraka keeps it real about America in the Obama era

Global informing

CounterPULSE's Performing Diaspora celebrates nontraditional traditional dancers

What if …

One day in Berkeley at India Chaat & Sweets

Fat lot of good

andrea@mail.altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I have a feeling this is not the best way to get a sympathetic response from you, but it' a real problem for...

Poor turnout

Global poverty demonstration sets world record, despite lackluster U.S. showing

Sanctuary showdown

Newsom forces a legal stalemate while hundreds of kids face deportation

Chop from the top

Avalos seeks to pare management to save health care jobs

We want free parking!

GREEN CITY: Visceral reactions to extending parking meter hours

Unholy sheet

More Halloween parties than you can shake a zombie Michael Jackson at

Volume 44 Number 4 Flip-through Edition

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Beer here!

Why choosing Bay Area craft brews is good for the earth, the economy, and your palate. Plus: Light beer's plight

Lovecraft, baby!

Horror in music is still as easy as H.P.