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Volume 44 Number 28

Appetite: A course of courses

Butchering, searing, and relishing with gusto at Marche

Volume 44 Number 28 Flip-through Edition

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In the “Hausu”

Watch out for that ramen bear! A recently rediscovered Japanese horror amalgamation that must be seen to be believed

Can’t stay away

After 20 years on Jive and a decade in Atlanta, Short Dog goes independent — and returns to the Bay

Ring ring

This year, the sound of the city in the summer includes Sleigh Bells

Now that we’re older

Hot Chip is growing up nicely — how about you?

An MPC fiend at work

How Exile is changing the way we see and hear hip-hop

Emerald city

GREEN ISSUE: SF's green go-tos -- a resource guide

Mission statement

San Francisco's colorful 'hood gets a big-screen close-up

The art of play

Take a short trip into cosmos with the movies of Al Jarnow

Ghost, writers

Strong performances anchor The Eclipse's mysteries

Finger waggle

No need to get pushy, sweets. Erol Alkan, Ambrosia and the Bearnsteins, Mad Professor, DJ Vadim, and more will let you through


Rev up that Renault, gourmands: Michael Mina's new venture takes a highly accessible road through French-influenced cuisine

Tropic of dancer

Director Ramón Ramos Alayo sets the stage for the fantastic CubaCaribe festival

Hugs and kisses

Keeping up appearances -- and pouring on the hot sauce at Rico's Diner

Believe it!

Don't say house. It's an empire — Granny's Empire of Art

Drowned out

GREEN ISSUE: Endangered whales may be threatened by a noisy side-effect of globalization

An inconvenient war

In courts and hospitals, SEIU battles surging rival union

In the company of bees

GREEN ISSUE: How a strange obsession blossomed into a crucial environmental issue

The dawn of Earth Day

GREEN ISSUE: The largest secular holiday in the world was born in 1970 — and its chief organizer has lessons for the movement 40 years later

No free ride for developers

Under Newsom's approach, the current residents and businesses of San Francisco will have to put up millions of dollars to cover the costs created by market-rate housing developers

Editor’s Notes

Who elects the presiding judge of the San Francisco Superior Court?

Marin County’s water grab

Marin Municipal Water District is already the largest energy user in Marin. A desalination plant would increase its energy use from 40 percent to as high as 300 percent