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Taking out the trash

Garbage disposal contract headed for approval despite legal and electoral challenges

Will Kopp’s competitive bidding initiative derail Recology’s train to Yuba?

July 25, 2011
Sponsors of an initiative to require competitive bidding on all aspects of the city's multi-million-dollar garbage services say they plan to deliver their initiative...

Recology president Mike Sangiacomo disses the Guardian as landfill agreements head to full Board

July 21, 2011
Dressed in neon- yellow vests, a crowd of Recology employees filed into the Board’s Chambers to witness the Board’s Budget and Finance subcommittee, which...

Digging into the juicy details of Recology’s proposed landfill disposal and facilitation agreements

July 19, 2011
Last weekend, I tried to review online the details of the landfill disposal and facilitation agreements with Recology that the Board’s Budget & Finance...

Murdoch meltdown could have ripple effect

July 19, 2011
Listening to media baron Rupert Murdoch denying responsibility for the phone-hacking scandal that has Brits in paroxysms, reminded me of former US Attorney General...

Waste Management sues SF over garbage contract

July 18, 2011
The already intense fight between Recology (formerly NorCal Waste) and Waste Management over SF’s next landfill contract just got more intense: today Waste Management...

Repulsed by Recology’s tactics, Kopp strikes name from Adachi initiative

July 14, 2011
Who knew that a bunch of garbage could get a taxpayer watchdog like former supe/state senator/judge Quentin Kopp threatening not to endorse Public Defender...

Daly blasts HuffPo SF’s choice of bloggers

July 13, 2011
In an open letter to Huffington Post former Sup. Chris Daly lays out why he thinks former Sup. Michela Alioto-Pier, mayoral candidate Joanna Rees...

Obama 2012 raises $86 million in small donations

July 13, 2011
The Obama 2012 campaign files its first financial report with the Federal Election Commission on Friday July 15. In an email to Obama supporters,...

The way forward

Antiwar activists say Obama still needs to be pressured on Afghanistan

DREAM Act would reduce deficit, strengthen military…and perhaps save the world

June 27, 2011
Last December, when the DREAM (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) Act came up five votes short in the Senate, advocates began to...

Civil Grand Jury slams shipyard development project

June 23, 2011
“The Civil Grand Jury concludes that the Hunter’s Point Shipyard redevelopment project will require more communication, more transparency, and more commitment from the City...

Radon gas is a leading cause of cancer

June 23, 2011
Remember how we were all freaking out a few months ago about radiation, in the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan...

Suhr sounds open to Portland-style FBI terrorism taskforce resolution

June 21, 2011
When the Guardian sat down with SFPD Chief Greg Suhr last week, it was shortly after the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved Julius Turman...

Will another DREAMer be deported, despite ICE’s S-Comm reforms?

June 21, 2011
Last week, ICE announced reforms to its controversial Secure Communities program. Civil rights advocates denounced these changes as window dressing, and the Guardian broke...

Feinstein gets box of toy soldiers, as Obama prepares to announce troop draw down

June 20, 2011
As Obama prepares to announce a troop drawdown this week, Peace Action West’s political director Rebecca Griffin delivered a box of thousands of toy soldiers,...

Civil rights advocates say S-Comm reforms are spin, part of bigger FBI biometric tracking plan

June 17, 2011
In face of mounting criticism nationwide, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced today changes to its Secure Communities (S-Comm) deportation program. These changes...

Candidates land punches in first D.A. debate

June 16, 2011
District Attorney and former SFPD Chief George Gascón, Alameda County Deputy District Attorney Sharmin Bock, and former San Francisco Police Commissioner David Onek all...

Altered signs and Daly’s “Let Ed Be” campaign

June 16, 2011
So, last night I was having a drink at the Buck Tavern, aka Daly’s Dive because former Sup. Chris Daly runs the place, when...

Enjoy the Strawberry full moon

June 15, 2011
The moon looked pretty full last night, but according to my Farmer’s Almanac, it’s officially full tonight. It’s also the Strawberry full moon, so-called...

CA Senate committee approves TRUST Act in face of rising “S-Comm” concerns

June 14, 2011
The California Senate Public Safety Committee approved Assemblymember Tom Ammiano’s TRUST Act, (AB 1081) today in a 5-2 vote, in face of rising concerns...

Groupon’s secret

Are misleading online ads the secret to Groupon's success? And is Google implicated?

If they can’t draft Ed Lee, can they write him in?

June 13, 2011
Courtroom Connect President and former Goldman Sachs employee Michael Breyer sent out an email today, in which he stated that hundreds of San Franciscans...

High levels of strontium at Fukushima

June 13, 2011
More bad news for Japan and its stricken fishing industry: Tokyo Electric Power Company says radioactive strontium up to 240 times the legal concentration...