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Oh nice, Obama won: What the celebration looked like at El Rio last night

"Some weird, Kool Aid-tasting shot. I don't really know what it was, but it was something." -- was passed around at the League of Pissed-Off...

Elsewhere on election night, cannabis could get fired up

What's on the California ballot this year that pot activists should be stoked on? Absolutely nothing! (Unless you're interested in eliminating the death penalty,...

Judges consider whether the feds have ignored medical evidence on marijuana

Tomorrow (Tues/16), for the first time in more than 20 years, a court will consider whether the federal government has improperly ignored evidence of...

Medical marijuana is over

... and so is this cannabis column.

Endorsements 2012: State and national races

End the death penalty -- Yes on 34. Go Barack, and vote No on 35 for sexworker justice

Fierce, forceful, amazing: remembering Robyn Few

Robyn Few, innovative sex worker revolutionary and a part of the soul of San Francisco, passed away Sept. 13. Robyn was a mother, a grandmother,...


WEDNESDAY 26Berkeley mayoral candidate forum North Berkeley Senior Center, 1901 Hearst, Berk; berkeleygraypanthers.mysite.com. 1:30pm, free. It may be the Peoples Republic of Berkeley, but...

Roseanne vs. mind control

Everyone's favorite sitcom queen may have been high when she decided to run for president -- and she's not apologizing for it

PR problems

Some neighbors are bummed that a new pot club is coming to Mission Street, but does their reasoning make sense?

Drug peace

Strange times call for strange measures: an interview with author Doug Fine


San Francisco did everything right. Now the feds are shutting down legal marijuana in town. And nobody can figure out what happened

Let it learn

What's fresh in Bay education, from pot activism 101 to design degrees

Two of SF’s most venerable cannabis dispensaries get shut down

Sadness, anger, and confusion hung thick in the fragrant, smoky air of two of San Francisco's oldest and most prominent medical marijuana dispensaries –...

Dab’ll do ya

Despite the actions of our president, we will continue to dab

Best of the Bay 2012: BEST SMOKE ON THE AIR

BEST SMOKE ON THE AIR We love the activists on the medical marijuana scene, but you can't attend one of the Bay's many cannabis...

Best of the Bay 2012 Editors Picks: City Living

Editor's PicksCity LivingBEST VOICE OF VICTORY Whether it's Pablo Sandoval stepping into the box or a struggling rookie trying to catch a break, the...

President or no president, medical marijuana shows up in Oakland

So the President was late. Around the time the "Fire Melinda Haag" press conference (as it had been called in emails I'd received from...

Medical marijuana patients demand an end to federal raids as President Obama arrives in Oakland

As President Obama arrives in Oakland for a fundraiser today, medical marijuana activists have already made a point with a rally on the steps...

Spark that joint, Barry

Another closed dispensary, another sexist pot movie -- at least we've got an Obama protest to look forward to

Oakland councilperson responds to Harborside Health Center targeting by feds

Have you heard the news about our most Hollywood dispensary getting put on notice by the feds? Harborside Health Center staff, stars of everyone's...

Faces of feminism

As the War on Women rages, Bay Area feminism comes to the fore

Cash your bowl

Cash-only cannabis, the Vapor Room closes -- this week, we're scraping for good news 

Seeking local control

news@sfbg.comAs a potentially troublesome court decision threatens the existence of cannabis dispensaries in cities throughout California, San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera submitted an...

Dueling pot protests precede rejection of a permit appeal

Dueling demonstrations in front of City Hall yesterday afternoon – with one side supporting medical marijuana dispensaries and the other protesting the city's February...