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What’s wrong with San Francisco?

The only new revenue in the budget comes from fee increases on Muni, public parks, after-school programs, and the like

Dazed and confused

Marijuana and quality-of-life cases clog Newsom's Community Justice Court

SF pot raid clouds federal drug policies

Story by Steven T. Jones, Photos by Neil Motteram Yesterday’s federal raid on the locally permitted SoMa medical marijuana dispensary Emmalyn’s California Cannabis Clinic caused...

Feds finally relax pot policies

By Steven T. Jones and Ben Terrall Might the wasteful U.S. war on marijuana be coming to an end? That possible light at the end...

Public safety adrift

At this pivotal moment for law enforcement, will Newsom and his top deputies continue to let politics guide policy?

Newsom proposes marijuana crackdown

By Steven T. Jones The Examiner reports that Mayor Gavin Newsom is proposing a crackdown on the city's medical marijuana clubs, including requiring them to...

Endorsements 2008: East Bay races and measures

Alameda, Berkeley, and Oakland ballot endorsements

Endorsements 2008: State ballot measures

Yes, yes, yes on 1a. No, no, no on 4 and 8 ...

Regulating marijuana slooooooooooowly

San Francisco blazed a new trail back in 2005 when the Board of Supervisors approved comprehensive regulations governing the city's medical marijuana dispensaries, which...

The Ron Paul phenomenon

The Ron Paul phenomenon: How a Republican presidential campaign caught fire in San Francisco

The left and Ron Paul

It's tempting to want to promote the GOP's dark-hourse phenon, Rep. Ron Paul, because all he can do in the primaries is beat up...

Contemputf8g Wolf

Police Commission revives discussion of why the cops federalized an investigation that denied a journalist's rights

Smoke and mirrors

Pot clubs can't get a break: New rules would force many to close

The drug war soldiers on

Why Tom Ammiano's well-meaning marijuana ordinance hasn't tamed the cops

Dance dance revolution

Party spaces that give a damn


March 4 MUSIC Carolyn Mark When the Corn Sisters made a tour stop in my sleepy southern Indiana town in 2000, it was to...

San Francisco lovin’

The pros and cons of sex and romance in the city by the bay

Cops behaving badly

By Tim Redmond Three interesting items today that reflect on the state of the SFPD: David Hill is convicted of second-degree murder in the killing of...

Drugs of choice

Why some former cops argue that all drugs

Pombo on the issues

To say that Richard Pombo is an environmental skeptic is putting it mildly. When asked if Pombo accepted the worldwide scientific consensus that global...

Pombo on the issues

To say that Richard Pombo is an environmental skeptic is putting it mildly. Asked if Pombo accepted the worldwide scientific consensus that global warming...

Inside the belly of the dog

A blog on his birthday for Sasha