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Vote to give Muni more money, raise the minimum wage, discourage real estate speculation, and send Campos to Sacramento


More Mill Valley Film Festival picks

Guardian Intelligence

WHO OWNS THE NEW SF?This week, former Bay Guardian editor and publisher Tim Redmond published an epic investigation on his 48Hills site showing that...

Ammiano “angry” as Brown vetoes prosecutor misconduct bill

Assemblymember Tom Ammiano strongly criticized Gov. Jerry Brown today for yesterday vetoing his Assembly 885, which would have provided modest sanctions for prosecutors...

Ron Conway’s attack on Campos fails to persuade actual feminists

Remember when deep-pocketed tech investor Ron Conway poured hefty cash into an independent expenditure committee to finance campaign mailers designed to smear Assembly candidate...

SOS: A bill to protect oil refineries also threatens public access rights

Gov. Brown. Veto SB 1300This bill would establish a stealth template for how to gut the California Public Records Act one economic and political...

Voters still in the dark on campaign funding

A legislative attempt to shed light on major funders of political campaign ads died in Sacramento last week, and the politics surrounding its demise...

Tom’s legacy

As Ammiano returns from Sacramento, can he help revive San Francisco's progressive spirit?

Predicting earthquakes, from 14-year-old prophets to train-stopping ShakeAlerts to lessons from disaster flicks

Earlier today, I called my mother, a natural disaster film junkie, and asked her, “Do you know of any movies where someone predicts natural...

Gearing up for war

The SFPD and police departments across the country get free military equipment, but does it make us safer or provoke violence?

#TBT: That time we called for California’s break-up

So another scheme -- in a long and rich history of such schemes -- is attempting to break California into more digestible parts, and...

Pack it up

Moving to gay San Francisco, 20 years ago

SF school board to consider minimum wage proposal tonight amid union battles UPDATED

Update : The minimum wage proposal won, and is now part of SFUSD's approved budget. "There will be a larger conversation in August when...

Transportation funding faces key test after Mayor Lee flips on VLF increase UPDATED

Facing a deadline of tomorrow’s San Francisco Board of Supervisors meeting to introduce measures for the November ballot, advocates for addressing the...

No Wall on the Waterfront wins big, Chiu prevails in Assembly race by slim margin

Developers looking to build high-end luxury condos on the waterfront lost big last night. Proposition B, backed by a campaign committee known as No Wall...

“E” is for “evidence”

Mayor Ed Lee drafts a policy allowing him to delete emails deemed "routine."

Guardian Intel: Guardian Clean Slate clip-out guide, Intersection for the Arts halts programs

GUARDIAN CLEAN SLATEOur clip-out guide to take to the polls for the June 3 election. Read our full endorsements at www.tinyurl.com/SFBGJune2014EndorsementsGOVERNOR: Jerry BrownLIEUTENANT GOVERNOR:...

Getting the Kink out

Statewide crackdown on the porn industry could drive its biggest BDSM filmmaker from San Francisco's iconic Armory

Guardian endorsements

Campos for Assembly, Yes on Props. B and 42, re-elect Gov. Jerry Brown — our recommendations for the June 2014 primary election

Left out

Progressive candidates for governor have a hard time amplifying their calls for economic justice

Revisionist future

Politics are holding back San Francisco's best shot at reducing carbon emissions

SF bans water bottles

San Francisco continues to lead the way in the nation's environmental policy, with the Board of Supervisors on March 4 voting unanimously to bar...

California High-Speed Rail backers optimistic despite challenges

The California High Speed rail project has been facing resistance that threatens to derail the project. Not only has public support for the $68...

Hacker pranks San Francisco FBI using Google Maps exploit

An ex-Marine turned hacker used his powers for good last week, exploiting a flaw in Google Maps to tap into phone calls from the...