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Volume 48 Number 12

Volume 48 Number 12 Flip-through Edition

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Million, schmillion

YEAR IN VISUAL ART: What to make of 2013's big-ticket art sales


THE YEAR IN THEATER: Highlights from 2013, on and off the boards

Italian Job

TABLEHOPPING: Snag prosciutto and wine at La Nebbia, catch New York–style pizza on Divis, and dive into a Feast of the Seven Fishes.

Teen dream machine

THE YEAR IN MUSIC: Teen girls (and fierce young women) rocked the world in 2013

Back in Burgundy

Director Adam McKay reports on 'Anchorman 2'

All that glitters

David O. Russell's 'American Hustle' delivers a giddy caper elevated by memorable performances

Candy crush

THE YEAR IN NIGHTLIFE: Queer hip-hop, porn music, spruced-up venues, virtual techno, classical near-riots, and the '90s big-room revival ruled 2013

Keep moving

THE YEAR IN DANCE: A month-by-month look back at the twists, turns, and leaps of 2013 

Steering transportation funding

STREET FIGHT The coming year will be a critical one for shaping transportation in San Francisco. Mayor Ed Lee's Transportation Task Force, comprised of...

With more bikes on the roads, Folsom Street gets a makeover

As anyone who has traveled the streets of San Francisco knows, there's an increasing number of bicyclists out there. And the just-released biennial bike count from...

The Unconstitutional Truth about the Presidio

 By John Farrell  OPINION When Congress established the Presidio Trust in 1996, it wanted to ensure its financial stability. Congress believed taxing private tenants...

Homework troubles

School district helps the city with affordable housing, but teachers say they're the ones who need help

Bus stop

Muni could collect millions in fines against private shuttles — but it won't

Crowdfunding apartments

Could the tech startup FundRise help San Francisco build more affordable housing?

Defining problems and shaping solutions

EDITORIAL Our attitudes and ideologies shape how we see the world. How we define the problems and challenges we face in San Francisco and...