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Volume 47 Number 52

Bedroom jams

Set the right tone with our mood-music guide

Hail, Luther

A new musical wave sweeps over the leather scene. Plus: Cub Camp, Deviants, Raime, Lexington Uniform Party, and more filthy-good nightlife

Volume 47 Number 52 Flip-through Edition

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Hot and corny

New openings for two classic SF standbys, ravioli to die for, and a bad-ass brunch-o-rama.

She has had it

SF Opera mounts 'Dolores Claiborne'

Porn again

SEX + MUSIC ISSUE: The rediscovered skin flick soundtracks of disco legend Patrick Cowley

Discipline and desire

SEX + MUSIC ISSUE: Wax Idols frontperson Hether Fortune's empowered outing as a pro-domme

Porn, punked?

SEX + MUSIC ISSUE: Want your band to get noticed? Launch a porn site.

Charting heat

SEX + MUSIC ISSUE: We pair sex apps with pop stars, because why not.

Hit the lights

'Metallica: Through the Never' riffs on the concert film

The great divide

Robert Reich breaks down the economic breakdown in 'Inequality for All'

Bright future

Two shows yield exciting glimpses at emerging choreographers

Tim’s San Francisco

Former Guardian editor launches nonprofit media venture, promising progressive reporting delivered daily online

Immigration detainer limits watered down

Sup. John Avalos' Due Process for All ordinance, legislation barring San Francisco law enforcement agencies from honoring detainer requests issued by U.S. Immigrations and...

Breed drops Twitter after clash with cyclists

Sup. London Breed abruptly deleted her Twitter account on Sept. 19 after engaging in a clash of tweets with some local activists online. Breed had tweeted...

SFSU police get Tasers

Just because the San Francisco Police Department can't get Tasers doesn't mean all the cops in San Francisco are missing out.The San Francisco State...

LAFCo should launch CleanPowerSF

OPINION Last month, the Mayor's Office and San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) — largely at the mayor's behest — refused to launch CleanPowerSF,...

Blow your mind

Soon you can get a Ph.D. in human sexuality in San Francisco

City Hall must address rising rents

EDITORIAL Another flurry of public concern over rising rents in San Francisco — driven by one-bedroom apartments listed for almost $4,000, a well-attended forum...

Battle of the Bulb

Eviction day nears for the homeless inhabitants of a colorful stretch of shoreline in Albany that nature lovers want cleared