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Volume 46 Number 39

The economies of desire

Artistic director Tessa Wills on the wide-ranging, boundary-busting This Is What I Want performance festival

Garage Days re-revisited

Musical mentors to J-Stalin and other post-hyphy Oakland acts, the Mekanix lure E-40 into The Chop Shop.

Volume 46 Number 39 Flip-through Edition

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Besting a star

NYC's WD-50 is nice, but you can't beat the saba at Berkeley's Kyoto.

Walk this way

ODC's Walking Distance fest offers a weekend packed with locals and guests

Rio Grande

New pop-up bar from the Bon Vivants mixes kitsch with quality -- especially if you order the off-menu cocktails

Midnight in Woodyland

Try as it might, Allen's latest is hardly a Roman holiday

Public teacher in a public hospital

An educator's trip to the ER reveals an unpleasant truth about our city's budget

Out of the paincave

El-P finds a revelation within the destruction on Cancer 4 Cure

Queen bee

Retrospective and review of Lil Kim's bitch-ass wordplay

Mayor vs. Mirkarimi

Rival politicians to take the witness stand in official misconduct hearings this week

Pipe dreams and nightmares

New memoir Opium Fiend documents an obsession with the cause of the "world's first real drug epidemic."

Seeking local control

news@sfbg.comAs a potentially troublesome court decision threatens the existence of cannabis dispensaries in cities throughout California, San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera submitted an...

The Feds are watching — badly

The FBI's modern snoop program is racist, xenophobic, misdirected, dangerous -- and really, really stupid

The right business tax

Is it even worth launching a ballot measure campaign for $13 million?