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Volume 47 Number 28

Volume 47 Number 28 Flip-through Edition

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New forms

Мишка comes to town, Retrofit Republic finds fashion in reuse

Natural woofin’

culture@sfbg.comPETS If you shop at the farmers market, drive a Prius, have a compost bin, and read this newspaper, chances are you care about...

Silent sting

To find criminal suspects, federal agents use a device that tracks everyone else too

Food fight

On where to find gluten-free food at AT&T Park, and love

What cabs really do

Don't deregulate cabs out of being the essential city service that they are

Where the wild dogs are

An opinionated guide to local parks where your canine can run free

Sneaky surveillance

SFPD has been quietly seeking video footage of new bars since losing a public fight over the issue

The Cat Pack

Quirky felines have gone past viral status to become legitimate celebrities. Now how will they use their fame?

The cost of fake cabs

Start-ups could put the city $300 million in the hole

Stop making sense

'Upstream Color' is a head-scratcher — but it's worth it

Food fight

Jed Lowrie loves me -- and his garlic fries are pretty good, too.

Nice booking

SF-based talent agency Liaison Artists is behind most of the techno you dance to. Plus: Last Nite, Rare Bits, FGAG, James Blake, and more parties this week

Rambling man

Terrence Malick's Hollywood revival sours with 'To the Wonder'

Spring breakers

Warm weather + fresh and fruitful cocktails = an all-day drinking extravaganza

Loud, with clouds

'BioShock Infinite' takes players on a fantastic voyage

Turn me on

Burger fever and mixed tape metaphors at Burgerama II

Don’t hold your breath

Johnny Marr sidesteps Smiths reunion rumors with solo debut, 'The Messenger'

Good grief

Julie Marie Myatt recasts 1970s nostalgia for our own bleak times in 'The Happy Ones'