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Michael Krimper’s Endless Desire List

December 17, 2012
For our annual Year in Music issue, I asked local musicians, rappers, producers, and music writers to sound off on the year's...

Taking flight with Juan Atkins, co-originator of Detroit techno

November 14, 2012
Juan Atkins will perform songs from the Cybotron and Model 500 catalogues with a four-piece electronic group, including “Mad” Mike Banks of Underground Resistance,...

Suspended in the groove

Floating Points' unlikely reconfiguration of dance music

Out of the paincave

El-P finds a revelation within the destruction on Cancer 4 Cure

The unidentifiable dance grooves of ESG

How a group of sisters from the South Bronx made music on the cusp of punk, no wave, and hip-hop


Noise Pop 2012: Is Glass Candy producer Johnny Jewel's recent project his allegedly scrapped Drive score?

How does it make you feel?

Africa Hitech channels the intoxicating bass of the Jamaican sound system

When it’s over

The haunted pop of the Soft Moon touches nostalgic, geometrical places

Musical alchemy

Quantic mixes rhythm and travel on new best of record

Schizoid trickster

Tyler, the Creator's mental trip channels punk's dystopia

Through the lens of hip-hop

June 2, 2011
Photographer/filmmaker Brian Cross charts a musical map of the African diaspora in the Americas -- and opens new Summit Peek Gallery show tonight (6/2), "If...

Arrested in rhythm

How the pulse of moombahton is infecting dance music worldwide

Mad science

Mophono and Salva are searching for the future beat

Sound and environment: Moving beyond tropical bass with Chief Boima

February 4, 2011
A couple weeks ago I shot a long-winded email to former Bay Area DJ and producer Chief Boima. I had just finished speaking to...

Panabay rising

From hip-hop to tropical bass, Los Rakas reconfigures the soundsystem


Andreya Triana and Tokimonsta tap into the sensual side of electric soul

Onra’s future funk

The Parisian producer paves the way for the erotic robotic

Addicted to the beat

The world famous Beat Junkies are still rocking it

After dubstep

Mount Kimbie crafts analog/digital songs for grottos or spaceships

Streets of San Francisco: ICP goes for inner city phame

If you live in San Francisco and pay attention to public art, you might already be familiar with the work of longstanding Bay Area...

An MPC fiend at work

How Exile is changing the way we see and hear hip-hop

The art of play

Take a short trip into cosmos with the movies of Al Jarnow

A lost San Francisco saga

Part two of the Herman Eberitzsch Jr. III story

Past, present, future

Flying Lotus heralds a new-old dawn of machines with soul