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Stalin: Darkness Visible

With his new album, Bay Area boss J.Stalin shines a light on Bay Area rap — and his own 12-year career

The secret life of Sylvia Fein

The 94-year-old painter comes to terms with her surreality in a new retrospective

Break on through

Michael McClure reflects on his "beast language" classic

Reality rap: Q&A with Saafir, the Saucee Nomad

March 27, 2013
Ed. note – this week's music feature is all about emcee-producer Saafir, the Saucee Nomad. The wheelchair-bound associate of Hobo Junction and Digital Underground...

Injured player in the game

After surgery, Saafir, the Saucee Nomad is left wondering whether he'll ever walk again

YEAR IN MUSIC 2012: Waiting for Four-O

E-40 and Too Short's historic collaboration caps another strange year for Bay Area rap

The new old school

After a stretch in Pelican Bay, G-Stack protégé Deev Da Greed returns to put the real back in Bay Area rap

Smells like team spirit

Are hyphy progenitors Clyde Carson and the Team bigger than ever?

Garage Days re-revisited

Musical mentors to J-Stalin and other post-hyphy Oakland acts, the Mekanix lure E-40 into The Chop Shop.

Whatever happened to Baby Jaymes?

Seven years after his landmark Ghetto Retro, the Bay's hip-hop soul phenom returns with a new EP

Abstract truth

Navigating an art movement — and a local gallery's history — in "Surrealism: New Worlds"

GOLDIES 2011 Lifetime Achievement: David Meltzer

"Of course, when I got here, the first place I went to was City Lights."

Addicted to print

Pop-up store Scanners celebrates the thrill of used-book salvage

Ghosts in the machine

Matthew Zapruder's poems are built to last

Free at last?

Mistah FAB finally gets airplay on KMEL — but will the station play the Bay?

SKI-thal weapon

E-A-SKI nets a film festival prize — with a little help from Danny Glover

Turf politics

To trust or not to trust in Thizz City — the dilemma of SF rap

Shock it to ya

Shock-G revisits Digital Underground and forges ahead with the Shock-G3 Trio

Renaissance Man

Rapper, spoken word artist, and activist Ise Lyfe adds acting and authorship to his resume

Murder, he filmed

In Dame Hooker's DVD doc Land of the Homicide, commentators become victims of the violence they describe

Can’t stay away

After 20 years on Jive and a decade in Atlanta, Short Dog goes independent — and returns to the Bay

Let’s hear it for the Boy Boy

In the midst of controversy, Messy Marv revamps his company -- and himself.

’80s babies

J Stalin's Prenuptial Agreement soundtracks the first generation born during the crack epidemic

Nothing like it

DECADE IN MUSIC: From mob to hyphy to crack -- the decade in Bay Area rap