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End mass incarceration

EDITORIAL We at the Bay Guardian wholeheartedly support the Stop Mass Incarceration Network and its call for the month of October to be "a...

Urban decay

A family struggles to survive in crime drama 'Metro Manila'

Schools not prisons

Support Prop. 47

More time, same crime

Decades after crack cocaine "epidemic," bill aims for parity between crack and powder cocaine sentencing

Reducing phone charges helps inmates connect with families

OPINIONIt's expensive being poor. Families of inmates often live on the edge of insolvency.I know a mother of two, married to a man doing...

#TBT: That time we called for California’s break-up

So another scheme -- in a long and rich history of such schemes -- is attempting to break California into more digestible parts, and...

Protest against “Prison of Love” Armory party leads to arrests

At least six people were arrested and taken into custody shortly before midnight on Saturday at the 16th Street Mission BART Plaza following a...

Sex behind bars

"Prison of Love" Pride party in the Armory raises concerns about celebrating prison rape

Kevin Epps’ new film targets outsize black and latino student suspensions

A second grader recounts his school calling in the police to stop his tantrum. A young girl repeatedly suspended by her school lowers her...

Alerts: April 2 – 8, 2014

WEDNESDAY 2 Anti-eviction march 24th and Mission BART Station, SF. evictionfreesf.org. 11:30am, free. Eviction Free San Francisco will lead "a spirited lunchtime march and picket"...

Watchdogs in action

A look at the winners of this year's Freedom of Information Awards

In the cut

Poet Randall Mann's breakthrough 'Straight Razor' slices into gay life now

Guardian honored for investigation of buying influence at City Hall

Bay Guardian News Editor Rebecca Bowe and Staff Writer Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez are being honored by the Society of Professional Journalists with a James...

Suspending judgment

SFUSD considers alternatives to suspensions that some say unfairly impact students of color

Reduce California’s prison population

EDITORIAL California must reduce its prison population — as federal judges have been ordering for years to address severe overcrowding and substandard health care...

Home from prison

Programs seek to soften impact on youth with parents behind bars

Shit happened (Oct. 23-29)

Tenant proposals and Guardian forum address eviction crisis; Students fight suspensions; Techies to NSA: Stop spying!

Students fight suspensions targeting young people of color

Sagging pants, hats worn indoors, or having a really bad day -- the list of infractions that can get a student suspended from a...

Alerts: October 9 – 15, 2013

WEDNESDAY 9March against evictions Bayanihan Center, 1010 Mission, SF. www.sdaction.org. 12:30-2pm, free. "Soma Time, and the Livin Ain't Easy: Walk of Shame" will start...

Shit happened

A wrap-up of important local news from the week that was

California prisoners end hunger strike after Bay Area legislators call hearings

Bay Area legislators Tom Ammiano (D-SF) and Loni Hancock (D-Berkeley) — who chair the Assembly and Senate Public Safety Committees, respectively — played pivotal...

Slipping away

Poorly tracked mental health services funds aren't reaching patients with severe psychological illness

“Refeeding” is prison authorities’ new word for force-feeding

The practice of force-feeding inmates has a branding problem. The issue first came to light after a U.S. District Judge last week granted the...

Prison hunger strike enters month two

As a hunger strike staged across California prisons enters its second month, inmates and their advocates are mourning the loss of Billy “Guero” Sells,...