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Volume 47 Number 37

‘Money is a tool’

And so is disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff. But is he a tool of political reform or just his longtime allies among the rich and the right?

Guardian Intelligence

Virgil's Sea Room, queer education in schools, Ron Lanza memorial, Sean Parker's nuptials ... what you need to know this week

Polo in the park

SubZERO robots, late-night basketball, plastic mallets, and bikes for horses: a day in the life of Jose Coronado Playground

Scorning smokers

Tobacco crackdowns target e-cigarettes, despite their lack of secondhand dangers, raising questions about the basis of current bans

In his footsteps

A new site-specific work pays tribute to local legend Ed Mock

The young master

'The Hitchcock 9' spotlights newly restored versions of the director's silents

Hell boys

Seth Rogen talks to us about Segways, Catholics, Kirk Cameron -- and his raunchy doomsday comedy 'This Is the End'

Kinky boots

Leather season is hard upon us -- and a special Folsom Pride party adds to the festivities

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Bands on the run

20 Bay Area musical acts + 20 local filmmaking teams = 48 hours of fun, sweat, and music video magic

Wish you weren’t here

Ulrich Seidl's Paradise Trilogy mines vacation desperation


Hot har gow, cool katsu sammies, and some slutty, thrice-cooked, Manimal-style fries -- welcome to our new food column

Power plays

Theatre Rhinoceros presents the Bay Area premiere of Caryl Churchill's 'Drunk Enough to Say I Love You?'

Stretch out

Summer yoga retreats and festivals offer escape for body, mind

Nasty ‘Net

Mid-Market tech pioneer GameLink has been a top porn purveyor for 20 years

Developers should pay — on time

It's boom time -- a good moment to end bust-time business breaks 

Mr. Mayor: Stop supporting tax cheats

Businesses don't write the law books, remember?

A ‘reasonable’ cheek swab

Supreme Court ruling on DNA brings California's more expansive law into focus