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A teachable moment

Lynching Charlie Lynch tells the story of a crushing federal raid.

We had a party

Hey feds! Here's the shots from our 420 party, in case your spy cams didn't work so good


April 24, 2012
WEDNESDAY 25Court support for Oaksterdam arrestees Oakland federal courthouse, 1301 Clay, Oak, 9:30 am, free. About 60 percent of Californians support medical marijuana, and...

The Guardian Presents: 4/20 Stoned Soul Picnic (a benefit for Americans for Safe Access)

April 19, 2012
With the feds cracking down on cannabis dispensaries all across the country, it is now more important than ever that we support safe access...

High holidays

Stick up for you believe in and party your ass off this 420

Oh high!

Gear up for 4/20 with this smashing recipe from High Times' new cookbook

Oaksterdam University gets a Monday morning federal raid

Good morning cannabis patients. Hopefully you weren't planning on attending horticulture classes at Oaksterdam University today. The cannabis school in the heart of downtown...

District attorney distances self from anti-cannabis memo, ‘unequivocally supports medical marijuana’

Don't believe everything you read, especially when it comes out of the District Attorney's office. D.A. George Gascon's press representative Stephanie Ong Stillman says...

Two incidents

On what the hell happened with SF medical marijuana last week

In the SXSW green room

A DIY potstar runs down her favorite medical marijuana moments from Austin

Power puff

Photographer Robyn Twomey's shots of women puffing tough come at a crucial time in cannabis history

The patient that time forgot

Irvin Rosenfeld's cannabis dealer is Uncle Sam

Cannabis’ unlikely new crusader: Pat Robertson?

File this one under #OKsure: Televangelist and all-around dubious individual Pat Robertson has come out in support of the decriminalization of marijuana.Of course, it's...

Herbwise: Shambhala Healing Center next on the federal chopping block

When Al Shawa, founder of Shambhala Healing Center, was asked about what he was going to do now that the federal government is trying...

Wicka wicka

HERBWISE: Butane, beware. We present to you, the hemp wick

A taxing situation

An interview with the tax attorney who is trying to save medical marijuana

Federal government sets its sights on 12 more SF dispensaries

February 10, 2012
Bad news for medical marijuana patients in the Bay Area: as reported by the SF Examiner, the DEA has requested records from the city's...

New year

Singer-songwriter Ezra Furman of the Harpoons made the leap to San Francisco and didn't look back

Hippies do it better

HERBWISE: New Age vaporizing with the Magic-Flight Launch Box

The key is patients

A cannabis kid grows into a weed entrepreneur

Weed on wheels

Delivery services and new dispensaries roll onto our annual Cannabis Club Guide update

Legal, not legal

CANNABIS ISSUE: Reality TV, federal crackdowns, celebrity stoners: an early guide to cannabis culture in 2012

Chem Dawg to the rescue

East Bay collective Kings of Destruction gets into graffiti, hip-hop, and medical marijuana advocacy

In brief: 5 things you did not know about Coral Reefer

January 11, 2012
In my Herbwise marijuana column in this week's Guardian, I wrote about my epic meeting with a one Coral Reefer, 23-year old Twitter queen...