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Endorsements 2014

Vote to give Muni more money, raise the minimum wage, discourage real estate speculation, and send Campos to Sacramento

Democracy is stalled

Corporate cash flows in this election while federal campaign finance reform flounders

Ralph Nader writes a letter to Rep. John Boehner

September 22, 2014Dear Speaker Boehner,While millions of hardworking Americans are working more and more for less and less, you and your House of Representatives...

Now that Willie Brown is a lobbyist, will the SF Chronicle finally cut him loose?

Years ago, the San Francisco Chronicle handed Willie Brown a megaphone, but now that he's officially recognized as a paid lobbyist, isn't it time...

Water with a price tag

Prop. 1 opponents line up against funding for new dams

Lee and UC Berkeley institute take on income inequality

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland) and U.C. Berkeley’s Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society are teaming up today in Washington DC to...

Internet Slowdown marks fight on net neutrality

Don’t be surprised if you go online tomorrow and see a “loading” symbol – aka the proverbial “spinning wheel of death” – staring...

Contending with cars, at the polls and on vacation

STREET FIGHT San Francisco's politics of mobility devolved into a cesspit this summer. Beginning with Mayor Ed Lee's retreat on Sunday parking meters, purportedly...

Wanted: more huddled masses

CAREERS + ED Tech companies lobby for more immigrant work visas, bypassing US residents and creating a labor force bound by golden handcuffs

California water bond still fluid despite looming deadline UPDATED

California is in the midst of a record-setting drought, but state lawmakers still aren't fully on board with Proposition 43, a water bond measure...

Refugee crisis hits home

Waves of child immigrants await court dates in San Francisco, facing deportation back to their violent home countries without legal representation

#TBT: That time we called for California’s break-up

So another scheme -- in a long and rich history of such schemes -- is attempting to break California into more digestible parts, and...

The age of the brogrammer

Solving tech's diversity problem may be a key to saving San Francisco

Guardian Intelligence: July 16 – 22

HIGH ON KAWAIIThe J-POP Summit returns to Japantown Sat/19-Sun/20, unleashing a riot of Japanese pop culture. We're talking a fashion competition sponsored by frill...

End the open primary experiment

EDITORIAL This week's primary election on June 3 occurred after Guardian press time for this issue, but there's one conclusion that we can draw...

Renting isn’t sharing

Share conference outlines the possibilities and pitfalls for a new economy at the crossroads

Left out

Progressive candidates for governor have a hard time amplifying their calls for economic justice

“Are Alt Weeklies Over?” Hell no! We’re needed now more than ever.

The New York Times yesterday ran an insightful and widely circulated op-ed from a fellow alt-weekly editor, Baynard Woods of Baltimore City Paper,...

A look back: The “Candlestick Swindle” in ’68

San Francisco spent this week saying goodbye to its beloved foggy stadium, Candlestick Park. Amidst the farewells, the Guardian spotted a post from sports...

Steering transportation funding

STREET FIGHT The coming year will be a critical one for shaping transportation in San Francisco. Mayor Ed Lee's Transportation Task Force, comprised of...

Single-payer is the cure

EDITORIAL We're sorry to see all the problems surrounding President Obama's Affordable Care Act, which has made some important improvements to the country's healthcare...

SF General will lose much of its federal subsidy under Obamacare

As President Obama’s Affordable Care Act is phased in over the next couple years, San Francisco General Hospital will lose at least...


Accrediting commission threatening to shutter City College gets scrutiny from Congress

Government smackdown

The Taming hits below the Beltway but stays shy of a knockout