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Endorsements 2014

Vote to give Muni more money, raise the minimum wage, discourage real estate speculation, and send Campos to Sacramento

Money for Muni

Learning the A, B, and Ls of this fall's transportation ballot measures

Lawsuit alleges Lee campaign accepted illegal donations from undercover agent

By Max CherneyMayor Ed Lee has been named in a civil lawsuit that alleges he conspired to accept bribes in the form of illegal...

Mayor Lee: Welcome Fleet Week, prepare for disaster UPDATED

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee’s daily announcement of public events today included a strange pairing for tomorrow : the Blue Angels will return to...

Developers lobby hard to slash payments promised to Transbay Terminal and high-speed rail

Will the San Francisco Board of Supervisors let developers of the biggest office towers proposed for San Francisco renege on promises to help pay...

Tom’s legacy

As Ammiano returns from Sacramento, can he help revive San Francisco's progressive spirit?

Mayoral meltdown

Mayor Ed Lee pushes back against ballot measures for affordable housing, transportation funding

SF and UC systems dragging their feet on fossil fuel divestment

The San Francisco Employees’ Retirement System and University of California Board of Regents -- two local entities targeted by campaigns urging them to divest...


Zendesk's new corporate headquarters shows dramatic transformation of mid-Market, while bitter eviction battles drag on down the street

Supes to vote on Avalos’ “Let’s Elect Our Elected Officials” measure

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors will vote tomorrow (Tue/15) on whether to submit a charter amendment to the ballot that would require a...

Nonprofit workers shout down Board of Supervisors meeting, 11 detained

Nearly 100 nonprofit workers and their allies, hungry for a raise, marched through the corridors of City Hall today and shouted down the Board...

Taxing speculators

Rival housing measures debated in City Hall, previewing high-stakes battles at the ballot

Protect light industrial businesses from Big Tech sprawl

The San Francisco Design Center has been a doing business at 2 Henry Adams street for the last 40 years.  During...

Google Bus sewers

Bulky shuttles belong on car-centric corridors, not neighborhood streets

Civil Grand Jury report highlights gifts made on mayor’s behalf

A major real-estate firm contributed $1 million to the America’s Cup Organizing Committee at the behest of Mayor Ed Lee, right around the time...

Net neutrality advocates arrested at Google HQ, call for national day of action

Last night , a small group of protesters fighting for free speech on the Internet were arrested at Google's Mountain View campus. The group...

End corporate welfare

EDITORIAL Big, powerful corporations seem to always find a way to get what they want out of City Hall, particularly under the administration of...

Elderly assisted living facility residents face eviction

A San Francisco-based assisted living facility for the elderly is slated for eviction July 10, a jarring and unexpected turn of events for families...

Shaw’s “housing civil war” is really about influence peddling

I’m always wary of the BeyondChron stories by Tenderloin power broker Randy Shaw, who uses the website as a propaganda tool for his interests...

New minimum wage proposal less ambitious, has broader support

San Francisco bears the unfortunate distinction of having the fastest-growing income inequality nationwide. At the same time, the city may retain its more progressive...

Transportation funding faces key test after Mayor Lee flips on VLF increase UPDATED

Facing a deadline of tomorrow’s San Francisco Board of Supervisors meeting to introduce measures for the November ballot, advocates for addressing the...

Trading favors?

Randy Shaw quietly gets city funds for his Tenderloin Museum from a Mayor's Office he loudly promotes

Citizen Agnos comes on strong for Proposition B in support of his Athenian oath

By Bruce B. Brugmann  (with the complete  text of Art Agnos speech  to the  May 21 dinner of San Francisco Tomorrow) When Art...

Cash backwards

Ten things San Francisco should fund -- and 10 things it shouldn't -- to create a fair, equitable, and forward-thinking city budget