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Racing for solutions

Candidates running in District 10 debate the myriad problems facing southeast San Francisco

SFBG Wrap, April 16-23

BART fine for workers' deaths, supervisors outfox landlords, police tapes illuminate Nieto shooting, and the sorry state of public housing

Plan would renovate vacant public housing units for homeless people

Sup. London Breed has proposed setting aside city funding to renovate vacant and dilapidated San Francisco Public Housing units, in an effort to quickly...

Privatization of public housing

Many residents feel they're moving from the frying pan of Housing Authority control into the fire of developer and nonprofit management

Port of Oakland rejects deceptive contract bid by Black Muslim security firm

Editor’s Note: This report, which appears in today’s Oakland Tribune, is part of the continuing efforts of the Chauncey Bailey Project, a joint investigation...

San Francisco’s untouchables

Is San Francisco trying to help the homeless -- or drive them away?

Year of Evictions

As tech heated up the market in 2013, affordable housing became the dominant political issue

Build a Jonestown memorial

 By Court Haslett OPINION Five years after the Federal Building in Oklahoma City was decimated and 168 people perished, the Oklahoma City National Memorial...

City Hall must address rising rents

EDITORIAL Another flurry of public concern over rising rents in San Francisco — driven by one-bedroom apartments listed for almost $4,000, a well-attended forum...

Celebrating independence, embracing wage slavery

On the eve of Independence Day, too many San Franciscans seem eager to give up on the very idea of independence, instead willingly buying...

Supervisors pose tough but important questions to Mayor Lee

There’s a full agenda at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors meeting today, from the condo conversion lottery bypass legislation to approval of the...

How SF politics (and journalism) really works

The internal report on SF Housing Authority management berates ousted director Henry Alvarez as a jerk and a bully, somone who made racist and...

Family of teen shot in Alice Griffith still waiting for Housing Authority help

Aireez Taylor, a 15-year-old Mission High School student and a resident of the Alice Griffith public housing project in Bayview, was shot seven times...

Should city employees be commissioners?

Mayor Ed Lee had to do something radical with the Housing Authority, and I'm glad he did. The commissioners who oversee this mess, particularly...

Editor’s notes

Think of it as a managerial tool: the guy who runs public housing should live in it

Feds downgrade troubled Housing Authority

The federal government has declared the San Francisco Housing Authority a “troubled” agency and dispatched agents to review the agency’s finances and management failures.The...

Disappearing poles

New supervisors Breed and Yee help create a less predictable board

Editor’s notes

Outlook is Supreme-ly sunny for gay marriage

Lee ducks tough questions about Alvarez and diversifying SF’s economy

For a career bureaucrat who was appointed mayor supposedly as a sort of straight-shooting un-politician, Mayor Ed Lee today once again demonstrated a real...

The Housing Authority mess

Mayor Ed Lee seems to think that the controversy over Housing Authority Director Henry Alvarez is just going to blow over, but he's wrong....

What did the mayor know?

So let's get this straight:Three lawsuits have been filed against the head of the Housing Authority. Some 30 staffers have complained about Alvarez to...

Sit-in at Lakeview elementary raided, free classes continue, rally at 5pm

This post has been updatedA sit-in at Oakland’s Lakeview Elementary School ended early this morning as police from the Oakland School Police force entered...

Meet the new supervisor

How will Christina Olague balance loyalty to Mayor Lee with the needs of the city's most progressive district?

Homeless families still waiting for a meeting … and housing

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee still has not met with homeless parents organized by the Coalition on Homelessness to discuss their proposed solutions to...