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Win Tickets to DJ Vadim Live Sound System feat. Katrina Blackstone; plus DJ Sep (Dub Mission) October 19

Dub Mission presents  DJ Vadim (U.K) Live Sound System featuring Katrina Blackstone plus DJ Sepat Elbo Room: 647 Valencia, SF - 21+ - 415 552 77889...

Privacy, identity, and Facebook

 By Nadia Kayyali OPINION People are disappearing. At least, that's how it feels on Facebook. Since the suspension of drag queen and activist Sister...

Ellis Act evictor immortalized on a condom at Folsom Street Fair

Now you can don rubbers against evictions.Activists engaged in eviction "protection" of a different sort this Sunday at the Folsom Street Fair, as they...

The funkmaestro of Vulfpeck on gaming Spotify, German pronunciation mishaps, and Google search optimization

By Jonathan KirchnerMembers of the band Vulfpeck describe themselves as a "half-Jewish German-American rhythm section." Creators of severely catchy, mostly-instrumental grooves, the four-piece — who...

SOS: A bill to protect oil refineries also threatens public access rights

Gov. Brown. Veto SB 1300This bill would establish a stealth template for how to gut the California Public Records Act one economic and political...

Guardian Intelligence: Sept. 10 – 16, 2014

COPS EVICTEDIn the wake of Urban Shield — the police training and trade show staged in Oakland last week, attracting attendees from 200 law-enforcement...

Tale of two Internets

Officials work to close the digital divide, an inequitable reality even in high-tech SF

Racing for solutions

Candidates running in District 10 debate the myriad problems facing southeast San Francisco

Guardian Intelligence: August 27 – September 2, 2014

 REAL EARTHQUAKE SURVIVALHeavens to Betsy! An earthquake hit wine country, and the upper-middle class are dealing with spilled rivers of their favorite cabernet. While...

Live Review: The Coup’s provocative ‘Shadowbox’ marred by sound problems

The Coup's new multimedia project Shadowbox was at least partially inspired by bandleader/MC Boots Riley's experience walking into a Theater Artaud performance as a...

Listen: The trainwreck pop parodies of the Westboro Baptist Church

In case you don't stay tuned to the comings and goings of the fearful, hate-filled, how-is-this-a-real-thing-and-not-a-caricature-of-extreme-right-wing-lunacy shitshow that is the Westboro Baptist Church, your...

Science of inclusion

CAREERS + ED As Big Tech struggles with diversity, women find support and fellowship in the biotech industry.

Wanted: more huddled masses

CAREERS + ED Tech companies lobby for more immigrant work visas, bypassing US residents and creating a labor force bound by golden handcuffs

Everyone’s hospital

SF General — a top trauma center, important safety net, and major city commitment to public health — moves into an uncertain transition period

Twitter releases diversity figures: mostly white, mostly male

Surprise, shock, flabbergasting awe -- these are all completely invalid responses to Twitter's revelation of its diversity figures, which the disruptive San Francisco tech...

Photo Gallery: Graffiti artists tagging in the sunshine at Precita Park

Normally the sound of 20 or so artists rattling and spraying aerosol cans would be quickly followed by the sound of sirens. But Sat/19...

Grown-up GRMLN

The pop-punk whiz kid comes of age. Plus: More festivals!

Security officers target Apple over contractor’s unfair labor practices

Next time you head to your neighborhood Apple store to get that smooth and harmonious feel that can only comes with the gentle touch...

The age of the brogrammer

Solving tech's diversity problem may be a key to saving San Francisco

Guardian Intelligence: July 16 – 22

HIGH ON KAWAIIThe J-POP Summit returns to Japantown Sat/19-Sun/20, unleashing a riot of Japanese pop culture. We're talking a fashion competition sponsored by frill...

Reinstate the 42: SF protest in solidarity with Brazilian transit workers

Hey there, lovers and haters of the World Cup, if you missed out on the protest of Google and FIFA at Pride, there’s still...

Workers’ new website demands: Hey, Tech, do better

Can Silicon Valley tech companies “do better?” With the launch of a new website, the tech industry's security guards are coming forward with tales...

Making waves

San Francisco Mime Troupe's 'Ripple Effect' takes on the Bay Area's roiling class divide

Google Bus sewers

Bulky shuttles belong on car-centric corridors, not neighborhood streets