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Volume 48 Number 09

Page turners

BOOKS ISSUE: Short reviews of great books and comics


TABLEHOPPING: Two new little cafés that will rock your world, a special Hanukkah dinner, and killer "Black Friday" pastrami

On the veg

BOOKS ISSUE: Isa Chandra Moskowitz is back with 'Isa Does It,' a vegan cookbook for working stiffs

This stuff’ll kill ya

Feed your genre needs at Another Hole in the Head

La ho-hum vita

'The Great Beauty' has style, but doesn't live up to the hype

Meat is murder

BOOKS ISSUE: Morrissey's long and juicy story, D.H. Peligro's 'Dreadnaught,' and more musical books (and live music, too) 

Turkey trot

Stick a fork in Thanksgiving week parties, with Tyree Cooper, Cream of Beat, Azari and III, Agoria, Ben UFO, and more

From the ground up

Stanford's Festival Jérôme Bel celebrates the 'non-dance' pioneer

Brawl fallout

SFPD incident at Valencia Gardens brings new questions, allegations

Heavy-duty problems

Hundreds of local truckers threaten quasi-strike, saying job security and clean air aren't mutually exclusive

BART standoff continues as board modifies contract

The BART Board of Directors voted 8-1 on Nov. 21, with conservative young Director Zakhary Mallett in dissent, to approve a hard-won contract with...

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We give thanks

EDITORIAL We offer a lot of criticism here on the Guardian's editorial page, which is probably inescapable given the obvious failures of our political...

Why I’m resigning from the City College board

By Chris Jackson When I worked for the state legislature, a member once told an overly ambitious guy that there are those who get...

More than a memorial

Annual march marking Milk and Moscone assassinations focuses on progressive organizing


BOOKS ISSUE: A new book showcases creative cult-movie poster art

Freedom is slavery, privacy is theft

BOOKS ISSUE: 'The Circle' projects Bay Area technology culture into a dystopian near-future