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Volume 47 Number 15

Volume 47 Number 15 Flip-through Edition

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Write it out

Tips to get you started in the growing field of publishing


Mindful cooking, bagel basics, and neon work at these fun classes

Dapper down

Tomboy Tailors opens up the first genderqueer menswear shop in the country

The shape of stage to come

Theater companies offer trainings to keep actors and audience on their toes

Do we need more luxury condos?

The math's not right -- 85 Howard will create jobs, housing, and yet more inequality in San Francisco

War of the waterfront

Too many projects and too little planning on San Francisco's most valuable strip of land

Hacking the US debt

Johnny Venom wants us to consider the $1 trillion coin

Disappearing poles

New supervisors Breed and Yee help create a less predictable board

Editor’s notes

The median rent in SF is now $3,100. Desperate times... 

High midnight

'The Hills Run Red' fest showcases lesser-known spaghetti westerns

Island breezy

Tasting Jamaican at Back A Yard and Miss Ollie's

Street music

Sounds of silence -- and local rock


Collaborators challenge limitations in 'Your Body is Not a Shark'

How to buy followers and influence people

For $26, I gained 2,500 followers -- and you can, too! Adventures in being fake popular on Twitter

Spirit moves

Nightlife: Slam, RJD2, Steve Bug, Salva, Some Thing, more heavenly parties

The damage done

The versatile Robert Carlyle hits a melancholy note in 'California Solo'

Actual pain

King Dude on Chelsea Wolfe, breaking down the 'Django Unchained' soundtrack, the return of Cannibal Ox, and a new band for Ty Segall