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Block the Boat

Protesters prevent Israeli ship from unloading during two days of picketing outside the Port of Oakland

Patronize me

CAREERS + ED A new site from SF musicians aims to get artists paid for their work — using the oldest idea in the book

Touch of class

CAREERS + ED Six courses to expand your horizons

Science of inclusion

CAREERS + ED As Big Tech struggles with diversity, women find support and fellowship in the biotech industry.

Wanted: more huddled masses

CAREERS + ED Tech companies lobby for more immigrant work visas, bypassing US residents and creating a labor force bound by golden handcuffs

Alerts: August 13 – 19, 2014

WEDNESDAY 13 Expert forum on California drought The Commonwealth Club of California, 595 Market, SF. tinyurl.com/cwcwed13. 6pm, $20 for non-members, $12 for members, $7 for students. California manages its groundwater loosely, and that's a problem....

Public hospitals are too Lean

OPINION The San Francisco Department of Public Health is paying Rona Consulting Group, an out-of-state consulting firm, $1.3 million of taxpayer dollars to implement a program called "Lean," allegedly to improve patient services. The...

Guardian Intelligence: August 13 – 19, 2014

CALLING ALL BEATLEMANIACSAs Beatles lovers and Candlestick fans gear up for Sir Paul McCartney's show there Thu/14 — a performance that will serve as a farewell to the stadium, and a callback to the...

Airbnb must work with SF

EDITORIALAirbnb and other companies that facilitate illegal short-term apartment rentals to tourists visiting San Francisco need to engage in a more honest and direct dialogue with this city's political leaders and stakeholders, something that...

Chinese youth rally for a brighter future

High school students with Youth Movement of Justice Organizing (Youth MOJO) rally for a higher minimum wage and a tenant protection measure for the November ballot.

Gaza protests continue

Activists with personal ties to region speak out at Bay Area demonstrations

Trans former prisoner honored as civil rights hero

CeCe McDonald honored by the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club

Alerts: August 6 – 12, 2014

THURSDAY 7 The Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club's 2014 Dinner and Gayla City College of San Francisco's Mission Campus, 1125 Valencia, SF. milkdinner.eventbrite.com. 6-9pm, $40 and up. Join the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club to...

Time for change

Retail Workers Bill of Rights calls for labor improvements beyond a higher minimum wage

Housing balance and neighborhood stabilization

 By Peter Cohen and Fernando Martí OPINIONThe Guardian last week published an editorial on the outcome of the process around the Housing Balance measure. We offer here an alternative perspective from the field.Since 1990,...

Guardian Intelligence: August 6 – 12, 2014

GOOD VIBESJerry Day, when deadheads spanning generations congregate around the Bay Area to celebrate the legacy of SF native Jerry Garcia, should maybe start going by Jerry Week: Friday, Aug. 1 saw sold-out crowds...

The last Republican

BART Director James Fang faces a well-funded challenge for reelection

Arguments against minimum wage increase are out of touch

EDITORIAL"Will the SF minimum wage hike kill our restaurants?" Zagat SF tweeted last week.No, Chicken Little, it won't. Not even if you tweet it.Two days earlier, the Board of Supervisors had unanimously approved a...

Mayoral meltdown

Mayor Ed Lee pushes back against ballot measures for affordable housing, transportation funding

Alerts: July 30 – August 5, 2014

WEDNESDAY 30 Screening: The Internet's Own Boy David Brower Center, Goldman Theater, 2150 Allston, Berk. 7pm, $10 advance/$12 door/ $5 students This film tells the story of programming prodigy and information activist Aaron Swartz, whose groundbreaking work...

Reducing phone charges helps inmates connect with families

OPINIONIt's expensive being poor. Families of inmates often live on the edge of insolvency.I know a mother of two, married to a man doing time in the San Francisco jail, who is trapped between...

Guardian Intelligence: July 30 – August 5, 2014

APP MAKERS = STARVING ARTISTSYes, techies are driving rents up. Yes, techies are driving the cost of living up, too. But the next time you meet a techie, or at least, an app developer,...

Everyone’s hospital

SF General — a top trauma center, important safety net, and major city commitment to public health — moves into an uncertain transition period

Homeless in transit

A night at Powell Station shows how BART rousts the homeless in enforcing its new ban on sitting and lying