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Pod people

The Bay Bridged wants you to listen to more SF tunes

Lights Out: Taking the Royal Baths

“This music was what we wanted to hear,” explains vocalist-guitarist Jigmae Baer of the beginnings of the Royal Baths, “that we weren’t hearing anywhere...

Truly, deeply, sweetly

Yours Truly's unique musical blogcasts, often filmed in the Mission, have taken over the indie-net

Four for Popfest

Four Bay Area luminaries headline highly anticipated shows at this annual music festival

Heavy times

The Sandwitches' sophomore release, Mrs. Jones' Cookies, sounds timeless despite the band's old-timey vibe

Two for the road

Moving on from San Francisco, Moon Duo travels through Mazes

Dolphin double

Mi Ami shifts to aquatic two-piece dynamics on its new EP

Release me

Bay Area rock begins 2011 at a record pace, with new releases from Sic Alps, Young Prisms, and Sonny Smith

Dressed in black

Dee Dee of the Dum Dum Girls sounds off on love and everything

Celebration at Big Sur — 2010 edition

Watching Celebration at Big Sur, the film that documents the 1969 Big Sur Folk Festival, I witness the crystalline Pacific Ocean, members of the...

The eyes of Skye Thorstenson

Video Issue: A video trip through the many selves of memory, and euphoria with a melancholy aftertaste

A hologlyphic story

Walter Funk is here to show you that 3-D doesn't require glasses

San Francisco gaze

Young Prisms make sound from the light and darkness of the city

Believe it!

Don't say house. It's an empire — Granny's Empire of Art

A chillwave primer

Washed Out caps one of a growing number of electronic new waves

Light into darkness

Now on the West Coast, High Places charts new spaces

A gate so golden

Genius and patience in the music of Van Dyke Parks

Potrero punk power

Power threesome Dadfag makes things sink and make sense

The mighty uke

The ukulele darts back into the musical spotlight, lickety-split

Manic pop thrill

The devil and Daniel Johnston — or, music touched with fire


Rock stars who write books, too -- smarter than rock stars who Twitter?

I heard a tumor

Ganglians work together to create happy accidents and sound out dreamy intent