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Higher and higher

SF Sketchfest wrings wet, hot laughs out of winter

Camp rocks

Director and star discuss the proudly un-PC Mangus!

Father’s day

Mike Mills' autobiographical Beginners traces one man's late-in-life liberation

The darkness underneath

Jodie Foster discusses her return to directing with The Beaver

Thornfield calling! Director and star discuss the new “Jane Eyre”

March 17, 2011
It’s not exactly the oldest story in the book, but with an 1847 publication date and dozens of adaptations, Jane Eyre has been done...

Xavier university

The young multi-talent chats up his latest film, Heartbeats

Normal love

Two stars of Tony hit Next to Normal sound off on musical theater's future

Get “real”

YEAR IN FILM: The Social Network, Catfish, and I'm Still Here push the boundaries of truth and fiction

“The Tempest” star Djimon Hounsou talks Shakespeare — and Mirren

December 9, 2010
Beninese actor Djimon Hounsou has had an impressive career, appearing in a diverse range of projects and earning two Academy Award nominations (for 2002’s...

Whip your hair back: Disney’s “Tangled” stars speak

November 23, 2010
Walt Disney was right all along: dreams do come true. That is, if you’re Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore, and your dream is to...

Viva l’Italia

"New Italian Cinema" spotlights Ferzan Ozpetek

GOLDIES 2010: Joshua Grannell

Offering cinematic odes to schlocky gore and bloody camp

French Cinema Now! Two to see — and one to avoid

October 27, 2010
The San Francisco Film Society's "French Cinema Now" kicks off Thurs/28 with a week of spankin' new Gallic films. Not sure which flick to...

Oscar-winning director Davis Guggenheim talks “Waiting for ‘Superman'”

September 30, 2010
Where do you go from global warming?Director Davis Guggenheim won an Academy Award for 2006’s An Inconvenient Truth. His latest film, Waiting for “Superman”,...

Why “The Social Network” isn’t just “the Facebook movie”

September 28, 2010
Based on the founding of Facebook and Ben Mezrich’s book The Accidental Billionaires, The Social Network has already received rave reviews from critics. I...

Better living through porn

The Good Vibrations independent erotic film festival once again touches uncharted territory

What is “Catfish”?

September 16, 2010
Do not read this interview before seeing Catfish. I say that for a few reasons: 1. It’s mildly spoilery. 2. Some of it doesn’t...

Queen Carol

Bay Area legend Carol Channing rides to the rescue of arts education with Help Is on the Way

Lisa Cholodenko on “The Kids Are All Right”

Writer-director Lisa Cholodenko earned attention with critically acclaimed features like High Art (1998) and Laurel Canyon (2002). Her latest movie, The Kids Are All...

We are family

The Kids Are All Right's (non)traditional comedy

Madam majesty

Helen Mirren rules in Love Ranch

Sibling rivalry with the stars of “The Last Airbender”

While Twihards know Jackson Rathbone from his portrayal of Jasper Hale in the first three Twilights films, Nicola Peltz is a relative newcomer. But...

Frameline34: Local drama “The Stranger in Us”

Local filmmaker Scott Boswell may not have set out to make the film he ended up with, but he stands behind the finished product....

I want it that way

A gay love letter to the Backstreet Boys