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Nine years of everything

Don't ever stop ruthlessly criticizing everything that exists. It's the only way we'll survive

The new privacy

The National Security Agency may be about to gain access to the phone calls and Internet activities of millions

This ain’t the singularity

Has the whole idea of world-changing technology finally become nothing more than an advertising jingle?

A space colony in Wisconsin

The United States' only feminist sci-fi convention grows ever larger

The Internet dystopia

Increasing constraints on freedom to innovate with technology cloud the Web's future

Obligatory video game outrage

Grand Theft Auto 4 -- intriguing, elaborate, disturbing, and disturbed

User-generated censorship

Just as the Web is making it easier for crowds to collaborate, the Web is also making it simple for mobs to crush free expression


No room for the little guy in Big Web?

Pregnant men

Thomas Beattie isn't the first -- so why's he getting all the credit?

English is dead

My glee in the destruction of my own spoken language isn't entirely inspired by knowing language history

Color wars online

Why divide a gregarious social space into meaningless factions?

Hooker science

Are we still so Victorian that we think it's bad to pay large amounts for a few hours of skin-time?

The users are revolting

Each of these kinds of protests has its correlates in the real world: the symbolic prank, the grassroots protest, and the angry editorial

Your computer is doomed

In the future, your infamy will not be remembered. Is that comforting?

War on science

Science is crucial to the management of the nation, and without it we're no better than a medieval kingdom

You cannot afford Mars

Sure, we know it's not packed with cool aliens, but we haven't realized that hunkering down on another planet isn't going to solve our basic problems as humans

Techsploitation: Information dystopia

A mysterious satellite falls, and Asia blacks out

Polite message from the surveillance state

Privacy, spying telcos, and the Protect America Act