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Endorsements 2014

Vote to give Muni more money, raise the minimum wage, discourage real estate speculation, and send Campos to Sacramento

SOS: A bill to protect oil refineries also threatens public access rights

Gov. Brown. Veto SB 1300This bill would establish a stealth template for how to gut the California Public Records Act one economic and political...

Racing for solutions

Candidates running in District 10 debate the myriad problems facing southeast San Francisco

Schools not prisons

Support Prop. 47

Koch brothers and other right-wing outsiders challenge Bay Area minimum wage measures

In recent months, San Francisco and Oakland have unveiled ballot measures that would raise minimum wage for workers currently struggling with the Bay Area’s...

Burning Man jumps the shark

How a high-minded countercultural experiment ended up on everyone's bucket list

Wanted: more huddled masses

CAREERS + ED Tech companies lobby for more immigrant work visas, bypassing US residents and creating a labor force bound by golden handcuffs

Until we legalize marijuana, reduce arrests

By Endria Richardson Last week, the Editorial Board of the New York Times called for the federal government to repeal its ban on marijuana....

Alternative event to National Night Out shifts focus away from surveillance

Aug. 5 marks National Night Out, an annual event promoted by local governments and law enforcement agencies geared toward ending neighborhood violence and promoting...

Time for change

Retail Workers Bill of Rights calls for labor improvements beyond a higher minimum wage

The last Republican

BART Director James Fang faces a well-funded challenge for reelection

Arguments against minimum wage increase are out of touch

EDITORIAL"Will the SF minimum wage hike kill our restaurants?" Zagat SF tweeted last week.No, Chicken Little, it won't. Not even if you tweet it.Two...

The age of the brogrammer

Solving tech's diversity problem may be a key to saving San Francisco

Workers’ new website demands: Hey, Tech, do better

Can Silicon Valley tech companies “do better?” With the launch of a new website, the tech industry's security guards are coming forward with tales...

Civil Grand Jury report highlights gifts made on mayor’s behalf

A major real-estate firm contributed $1 million to the America’s Cup Organizing Committee at the behest of Mayor Ed Lee, right around the time...

Oakland joins other Bay Area cities in seeking higher minimum wages

San Francisco isn’t the only Bay Area city looking to bump up its minimum wage rate. Alameda County today certified a ballot measure...

Pride and prejudice

How the attack on teacher tenure echoes through the movement for LGBT rights

Invisible no more

Threatened with deportation and paid illegally low wages, East Bay recycling workers did the unthinkable: They fought back.

Hold ‘Steady’

Alonzo King's new work mixes dark threat into tenderness

SF LGBT Center Economic Development Department

Guardian Small Business Award winner helps its community members become entrepreneurs

Getting the Kink out

Statewide crackdown on the porn industry could drive its biggest BDSM filmmaker from San Francisco's iconic Armory

Bill would tax companies with wide CEO-worker pay disparities

California companies pouring big cash on their CEOs may be forced to tighten the spigot under a new bill that seeks to limit CEOs...

Hold BART accountable for deaths

EDITORIALBay Area Rapid Transit made a deadly miscalculation last year — one that built on years of reckless decisions to value efficiency over safety...

Wind it up

Always wanted to try kitesurfing? Here's how to get started