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Brunch o’clock

TABLEHOPPING Ready to add some new bodacious brunch options to your rotation o' haunts? Let's do this.

This Week’s Picks: August 27 – September 2, 2014

sloppy yet endearingWEDNESDAY 27 Mount Kimbie Around the time dubstep started making its rounds with American artists and audiences in the late '00s, a host...

Local movers

FALL ARTS 2014 Looking ahead to a outstanding season of Bay Area dance

Google Bus sewers

Bulky shuttles belong on car-centric corridors, not neighborhood streets

Pumping up awareness

Campaign to put climate change warnings at gas stations gains traction in Berkeley and San Francisco

Defense attorneys say Shrimp Boy is innocent; slam feds

Who is Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow? In the 137-page federal complaint detailing charges that led to the high-profile arrest of Sen. Leland Yee, Chow,...

Win tickets to the World Premiere of Maya Beiser’s All Vows

“Sensual…with rock-star magnetism.” — The Philadelphia Inquirer "With virtuoso chops, rock-star charisma, and an appetite for pushing her instrument to the edge of avant...

This Week’s Picks: March 5 -11, 2014

WEDNESDAY 5 San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival Between Jaws (1975), Shark Week, and last year's campy hit Sharknado, pop culture's fascination with sharks...

Staying alive

Support group addresses AIDS Survivors Syndrome and the challenges of cheating death

A feast for the nonsenses

Cutting Ball Theater's Ubu Roi frolics in kitchen sink surrealism

The worst music beats the best bomb: A conversation with legendary composer Van Dyke Parks

“Yours falsely!” Van Dyke Parks chimes, as he picks up the phone at home in Pasadena, where the weather is “room temperature.” He...

The good foot

The FRESH Festival and Liss Fain Dance welcome 2014 with exciting new works

Candy crush

THE YEAR IN NIGHTLIFE: Queer hip-hop, porn music, spruced-up venues, virtual techno, classical near-riots, and the '90s big-room revival ruled 2013

Amanda Lepore brings the body heat

"You know how I'm obsessed with coordinating my outfits," NYC club legend and "most expensive body in the world" Amanda Lepore breathed into the...

On the veg

BOOKS ISSUE: Isa Chandra Moskowitz is back with 'Isa Does It,' a vegan cookbook for working stiffs

Vegan idol Isa Chandra Moskowitz brings ‘Isa Does It’ to SF, reveals restaurant name

The first thing you need to know about Isa Chandra Moskowitz is that she's a punky legend in the global vegan community. She started...

Chocolate + ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ = irony that tastes gooooood

When I got to work Friday morning, I found the Arts and Culture editors, along with our publisher, huddled outside a cubicle, mouths agape....

Action franchise junkie Vin Diesel returns … and more new movies!

Who dares to challenge the box-office supremacy of Vin Diesel, who returns yet again to play the titular night vision-gifted (but really socially awkward)...

Film Listings: September 4 – 10, 2013

Film listings are edited by Cheryl Eddy. Reviewers are Kimberly Chun, Dennis Harvey, Lynn Rapoport, Sam Stander, and Sara Maria Vizcarrondo. For rep house...

Ham and cheese, please

TABLEHOPPING: Venetian seafood in the Castro, a boatful of brunch burgers, and all-you-can-eat jambalaya.

Silent films, racing snails, haunted houses, and more in weekend movies!

Those long, well-dressed lines wrapping around the Castro Theatre signal the advent of the annual San Francisco Silent Film Festival, now in its 18th...

Brutal murder, wrenching trial: HBO’s must-see doc “The Cheshire Murders”

It was, people said, Connecticut's version of the In Cold Blood murders. In July 2007, Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her two daughters, 11-year-old Michaela and...

The zero-sum future

We can switch from cars to bikes, now. Or we can leave our kids a climate-change disaster

On the Cheap listings

For information on how to submit events for listing consideration, see the guidelines in Selector. THURSDAY 9 Bike to work day Various SF locations. www.sfbike.org. 5:30am-7pm,...