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Predicting earthquakes, from 14-year-old prophets to train-stopping ShakeAlerts to lessons from disaster flicks

August 28, 2014
Earlier today, I called my mother, a natural disaster film junkie, and asked her, “Do you know of any movies where someone predicts natural...

Science of inclusion

CAREERS + ED As Big Tech struggles with diversity, women find support and fellowship in the biotech industry.

The school principal who raps

August 11, 2014
Picture your former principal in a rap video. Oh, mama. It hurts, psychologically and emotionally, doesn't it? That's because, following the guidelines set by...

Citizens United measure challenged — does it matter what Californians think about corporate personhood?

July 25, 2014
Recently, the California Legislature approved a nonbinding question that would allow California voters to show their thoughts – mainly, their disdain – for the...

Last chapters?

The threat to San Francisco bookstores goes beyond Amazon and ebooks to rising rents and demand for commercial space

SF bankers now exporting tenant-displacing TIC loans

Fractional mortgage loans used to convert apartments into owner-occupied tenancies-in-common have fed the eviction and displacement crisis in San Francisco, where the median home...

Security officers target Apple over contractor’s unfair labor practices

July 17, 2014
Next time you head to your neighborhood Apple store to get that smooth and harmonious feel that can only comes with the gentle touch...

San Jose cracks down on pot clubs after eschewing SF’s regulatory approach

San Jose’s current (and harsh) crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries contrasts with San Francisco’s decade-old (and still working well) regulations.Over the last five years,...

Workers’ new website demands: Hey, Tech, do better

Can Silicon Valley tech companies “do better?” With the launch of a new website, the tech industry's security guards are coming forward with tales...

Pumping up awareness

Campaign to put climate change warnings at gas stations gains traction in Berkeley and San Francisco